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September 3, 2018 | by Healthcare Weekly Staff

Digital Healthcare: Regulating A Revolution

Artificial Intelligence and Healthcare: What You Need to Know

John Langell is the Vice Dean of Healthcare Innovation at the University of Utah. In this talk, he discusses the future of incorporating regulatory bodies in the rapidly-growing healthcare industry.

Digital health is the big revolution in medicine, health and wellness – reduce costs, increase access, and improve quality. Dr. Langell gave the example of using virtual reality/augmented reality to treat telemedicine, and utilizing blockchain and machine learning in telemedicine. However, he also mentioned that Dr. Mattes, the head of the American Medical Association, claimed that healthcare innovative applications could be doing more harms than benefits. And several researchers have been looking at the data and concluding that some innovation is hurting patients.

Dr. Langell admitted that having a regulatory system would be beneficial for us. But the challenge is for it not to inhibit our ability to create impactful and technologies. He sees the future in AI and machine learning, where pattern recognition becomes more advanced. The power of these digital tools is here, and it’s time for regulatory bodies to catch up in order to successfully apply new technologies to delivering higher-quality care.

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Healthcare Weekly Staff
Healthcare Weekly Staff

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