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May 17, 2018 | by Adam Rosa

Dr. Edward Brown: Technology & Digital Disruption in Healthcare

On-Demand Healthcare Economy

Dr. Edward Brown, CEO of OTN discusses ideas and evidence that demonstrate we can improve access to tech, enhance chronic disease management, and create the patient-centred system we all want – by thinking a little differently and leveraging technology. Dr Brown thinks that the healthcare system is changing, and that on any given Sunday no one can know what will be new in the industry. Dr. Brown discusses that the members of his community are unhappy with healthcare, from waiting time, to overall experience in healthcare, and aims to attack how to combat this unhappiness.

Dr. Brown thinks that disrupting the healthcare system with technology is a must because, simply, they can. It can create a better patient experience and heighten care because tech will be and should be cheaper and smarter than old-fashioned methods. There are new programs once technology is in place, like a 24/7 emergency program to help stroke victims. Technologies can help primary care docs ask specialists questions and get a response, so the patient doesn’t have to wait and make many different visits.

All of this will stem from a disruption in the healthcare space, moving on from traditional methods and using technology in new and innovative ways. It may create a huge change in the healthcare space and make for lots of new things to learn, but when it is done, the industry is going to become far superior than ever before thanks to this application of technology. See just how that will happen in the full talk!

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Adam Rosa
Healthcare Weekly Staff

Adam is an experienced freelance writer for top digital agencies. He brings his concise and analytical style to Healthcare Weekly, supporting its mission to move the healthcare industry forward through innovative ideas and solutions.
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