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June 30, 2018 | by Adam Rosa

Healthcare in 2024. What Does the Future Look Like?

How Far Should We Go in Healthcare Innovation?

Dr. Stephen Klasko is the President and CEO of Thomas Jefferson University and Jefferson Health System. Jefferson is the largest freestanding academic medical center in Philadelphia, with over 12,000 employees and 3,700 students.


Dr. Klasko takes us to the future in this exciting look at the future of healthcare. Dr. Klasko gives this talk as the head of Stevie’s Vinyl Emporium and Implantable Health Chips, a man from the year 2024 who has traveled back in time to share healthcare insight of the past, and the future (or to him, his present, so he claims in the talk).


His trip takes us to the year 2024 where he talks about all that has happened in the 10 years since 2014. The talk is filled with clever pop culture references, present, and future, like the Rolling Stones 2024 Undead Tour. He also gives insight into the future of healthcare, changing the DNA of healthcare one doctor at a time. They changed the admissions of medical school, to select based off of self-awareness, self-management, the ability to adapt, social empathy and other factors that have helped doctors become far more productive for their patients than ever before.


How FDA-Approved Devices Help Patients with Rare Diseases

Dr. Klasko talks about how interacting with doctors will become digitized, whether it be booking appointments on your phone or actually getting care through your device.


Watch the whole video to see how he suspects drug testing will change, how funding will change in healthcare and much more about healthcare in the year 2024.




Adam Rosa
Healthcare Weekly Staff

Adam is an experienced freelance writer for top digital agencies. He brings his concise and analytical style to Healthcare Weekly, supporting its mission to move the healthcare industry forward through innovative ideas and solutions.
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