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August 9, 2018 | by Healthcare Weekly Staff

Healthcare Innovation Summit 2017 – Robert Pearl

Digital Healthcare: Regulating A Revolution

Robert Pearl, MD, is the author of bestselling book Mistreated, in which he talks about how the healthcare system is not as strong as people believe it to be.

Dr. Pearl starts off with the story of his father, who was diagnosed with hemolytic anemia. Unfortunately, his father was one of the 200,000 people to die from preventable medical errors that year. Today, there are almost half a million people who die prematurely and unnecessarily.

Dr. Pearl believes that the American healthcare system is, in fact, broken. In his talk, he is going to focus on the following issues. First of all, he claims that the healthcare that service providers offer is not as good as they think it is, and he talks about why. Then he discusses the fallacy of choice; he emphasizes that while the focus of bundled payments is important, in the long run it does not make a lot of difference. He will also a roadmap to the future of American healthcare system. To conclude, he will talk about the things that would happen to American healthcare if radical and significant changes do not occur.

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Healthcare Weekly Staff
Healthcare Weekly Staff

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