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August 1, 2018 | by Healthcare Weekly Staff

How Far Should We Go in Healthcare Innovation?

How Will Healthcare Pick Itself Up After a Dip in the Stock Market?

The 21st century has seen significant advances in patient care, while raising profound questions regarding the intersection of healthcare and innovation. In this Ted Talk, M.D/J.D Sai Balasubramanian talks about the challenge of finding the balance between “can we do it” and “should we do it” in healthcare innovation.

Sai begins the talk by showing a painting of the human body by Michelangelo and remarks, ”Healthcare has been the cornerstone of civilizations for thousands of years that’s undergone numerous changes thanks to innovation”. He thinks that bioethical considerations that people don’t usually think about until it’s too late to do anything about it. The question, then, is not how to move away from analyzing these costs in retrospective, but instead, engage in a prospective analysis of where healthcare innovation should go. What are the costs versus benefits?

The purpose behind healthcare is not only to keep successful health outcomes, but to do so while maintaining and cultivating clinician and patient relationship because the cultivation of human body is key to human experience.

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Healthcare Weekly Staff
Healthcare Weekly Staff

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How Will Healthcare Pick Itself Up After a Dip in the Stock Market?

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