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June 28, 2018 | by Adam Rosa

How Will Healthcare Pick Itself Up After a Dip in the Stock Market

How Far Should We Go in Healthcare Innovation?

From consumers’ growing influence and vertical consolidation to the shift to value-based care and questions around drug pricing policy, there’s a lot going on in the healthcare industry. The Healthcare industry is currently experiencing business model shifts, technological breakthroughs and changes in policy under new government orders. Healthcare has been volatile in the stock market, and this video aims to address how to combat some of these negative changes. Looking from an operating standpoint, healthcare entities are still performing well, margins and growth profile are the highest they have been in recent history. People think the downdraft are macro issues: Inflation, interest rate, and tax reform. Investors are fatigued with value creating activity, and so this talk aims to identify how healthcare is going about securing money from investors and bolstering their numbers in the stock market and beyond.


Jo Natauri is the global head of healthcare investing in Goldman Sachs’ Merchant Banking Division. “Operating-wise, these businesses are performing really well,” Natauri says. “Healthcare is a defensive industry. But if you look at the environment right now, it’s really tied to the risk around policy.”

How Far Should We Go in Healthcare Innovation?
Adam Rosa
Healthcare Weekly Staff

Adam is an experienced freelance writer for top digital agencies. He brings his concise and analytical style to Healthcare Weekly, supporting its mission to move the healthcare industry forward through innovative ideas and solutions.
Tech-Driven Solutions: Healthcare Innovations in the New Age

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