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June 17, 2018 | by Adam Rosa

Protecting Yourself Digitally in the Healthcare System: A Talk with Prof Ronni Gamzu

How Machine Learning Can Help Fight Diseases and Change Healthcare

This talk aims to present and tell more about challenges in healthcare with regard to cybersecurity.

Professor Ronni Gamzu discusses all the aspects of cybersecurity in healthcare, such as the trap that currently exists in this space. Many CEOs of medical organizations seem to think cybersecurity is not their issue, that it’s an IT or tech issue. They think it is not their issue. But this is a huge mistake. According to Ronni, they will say they are not the target. But he feels this is wrong because they are at the ones at risk. It is their responsibility if you are hacked, and they need to build an environment that is managed for cybersecurity. Not IT!

Ronni, among other things, also dives into what are the vulnerable parts of a hospital in terms of cybersecurity. Lost or stolen laptops only the fourth most vulnerable part of a hospital. Watch the video to find out the vulnerable parts of your organization and enhance your cyber security for a safer healthcare space.

Prof. Ronni Gamzu, CEO, The Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center – Chair, The National Health Basket Committee.

How Machine Learning Can Help Fight Diseases and Change Healthcare
Adam Rosa
Healthcare Weekly Staff

Adam is an experienced freelance writer for top digital agencies. He brings his concise and analytical style to Healthcare Weekly, supporting its mission to move the healthcare industry forward through innovative ideas and solutions.
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