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August 12, 2018 | by Healthcare Weekly Staff

Ron Williams: Accelerating Innovation in Healthcare

Dr. Edward Brown: Technology & Digital Disruption in Healthcare

Ron Williams is the former chair and CEO of Aetna, Inc., and current chairman and CEO of RW2 Enterprise, LLC.

In his talk, Williams gives a quick overview of the healthcare system. Then he discusses the nature of the problem, which is spending the real cost and value in the system. He also focuses on the changing roles of consumers and service providers.

Ron begins his talk with a powerful beginning: “Health reform has really legitimized the transformation of the healthcare system.” He mentions that the American healthcare delivery system tends to have more specialist than primary care. Another important fact is that in the US, public payers pay a lot less than private payers.

Digital Healthcare: Regulating A Revolution
Healthcare Weekly Staff
Healthcare Weekly Staff

The Healthcare Weekly staff brings you the latest in healthcare innovation, technology, news and more.
Tech-Driven Solutions: Healthcare Innovations in the New Age

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