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Payformance Solutions
July 17, 2018 | by Healthcare Weekly Staff

Payformance Solutions

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Payformance Solutions

Payformance Solutions aims to be a catalyst for payment transformation in the healthcare industry, whose software aligns incentives to ensure insurers and providers deliver the best health outcomes for patients, at the lowest cost.

Chicago, IL
444 N Wells St #502, Chicago, IL 60654


About Payformance Solutions

Payformance Solutions is a value-based reimbursement service provider dedicated to advancing payment transformation in the healthcare industry. Leveraging our affiliation with nonprofit research and consulting organization Altarum Institute, we launched the TrustHub suite of services to equip payers and providers with the technical tools and resources required to design, evaluate, build, measure and negotiate value-based reimbursement contracts while aligning financial goals with improved patient outcomes.

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