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4 Most Coveted Nursing Specialties of 2024

Nursing is one of the most sought-after and in-demand healthcare professions today. Statistics show a shortage of nurses and an inadequate workforce to meet the growing need for healthcare facilitators as the baby boomer generation enters retirement age. If you’re seeking a career in healthcare, it’s the right time to consider nursing. 

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average salary for a registered nurse in the United States is $82,750 annually. Once you complete your accelerated online BSN, you have numerous enticing specialty options to further your nursing career. In this article, we’ll list four of the most coveted nursing specialties: 

1. Neonatal Nurse

Neonatal nurses provide specialized care for infants right after birth with disorders like premature birth, congenital disabilities, or heart diseases. Neonatal nursing is an advanced specialty requiring a master’s or doctoral degree. You should be prepared for 12 hour shifts, since neonatal care is a critical care, around-the-clock department. 

As a nurse, you must put in the emotional and spiritual effort, compassion, and empathy as you work with new parents in crisis and panic. Being a neonatal nurse can be a high-stress career, but it has rewarding aspects, as working with infants can be a magical experience.

2. Psychiatric Nurse

A psychiatric nurse cares for individuals with mental health disorders like phobias, dementia, depression, substance abuse, and mood swings. To become a psychiatric nurse, you must be a registered nurse (RN) with specialized training and an MSN. 

Psychiatric nursing includes crisis intervention and mental health assessment and management. Aspirants should be able to stay composed in emergencies and possess eloquent communication skills, efficient problem-solving strategies, and quick-thinking abilities. This specialty is among the highest-paying nursing specialties, with an estimated salary of $115,638 annually.

3. Dialysis Nurse

Dialysis nurses are trained professionals for operating the equipment to filter out a dialysis patient’s blood. These skilled nurses can have advanced career opportunities by obtaining an MSN and certifications in nephrology, which is the study of the function and disorders of the kidneys. These professionals oversee the complete treatment of their patients, including the administration of medications. 

To become a dialysis nurse, you must complete your BSN degree, become a registered RN by passing the NCLEX examination, obtain some bedside experience in this profession, and then get your dialysis nurse and nephrology nurse certifications. With an annual salary of $79,528, it is worthwhile to consider it a future career path.

4. Travel Nurse

The most in-demand specialty is the traveling nurse. A traveling nurse is a licensed RN who commutes to different healthcare facilities to meet workforce needs at any time. You can enjoy self-employment or work through an agency to earn contracts for this specialty. 

Being a travel nurse demands a lot of dedication and hard work, but it also allows you to explore and travel the world. Certified pediatric, critical care, and emergency nurses are the most coveted fields for travel nurses. You can earn up to $81,145 a year being a travel nurse.

Although these professionals are well paid, you do not have adequate job security as you must look for a new job every time your contract ends. A contract may last as little as three months or may extend to up to two years.

Final Thoughts 

The nursing job market is predicted to grow exponentially, so the nursing career’s scope is promising, and the future holds many bright opportunities. However, remember that nursing is a demanding career choice, and they often face long, physically and emotionally draining working hours. If you can manage the stress and are seeking emotional and professional fulfillment, consider a nursing career.

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