September 14, 2020 | by Nqaba Matshazi

Genentech’s Not So Great UC Treatment Results

UC Treatment

September 14, 2020

Genentech’s Not So Great UC Treatment Results

The latest round of the new trial results from Genentech’s UC treatment etrolizumab were

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Mercy Hospital

September 14, 2020

Chicago’s Mercy Hospital to Shut Down Next Year Due to Insurmountable Debt

Chicago will lose one of its most iconic and longest lasting medical institutions in 2021.  After

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EHR Triage Engine

September 13, 2020

What You Should Know About Verisk’s New EHR Triage Engine

In a major announcement this month, Verisk, a leader in software solutions for the insurance

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Remote Patient Scheduling

September 10, 2020

T2 Tech Group Buys Patient Access Platform from Revint Solutions

An acquisition in the healthcare industry promises to make one of the top consulting firms even

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Teladoc merges with Livongo

September 09, 2020

Why Teladoc Merging with Remote Health Management Provider Livongo is BIG News

Contrary to what the market would have you believe, the recent merger between Teladoc and remote

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public health concept and text on an image

September 09, 2020

Has the Lockdown Affected Public Health Metrics?

It was a HUGE shock to our system. COVID-19, once an unknown virus, suddenly posed a grave threat

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Limit COVID-19 Spread

August 06, 2020

Gov Pritzker Announces New Restrictions to Limit COVID-19 Spread Among Illinois’ Young Population

Navigating our way out of this pandemic was never going to be easy and each aspect of our way of

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picture of cbd balms on a table with a cbd tincture bottle next to it

July 20, 2020

5 Things you Didn’t Know About CBD Balms

A balm is defined in the Oxford Dictionary as “a fragrant ointment or preparation used to heal

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cbd oil

June 30, 2020

Why CBD Should Become Mainstream In Healthcare

When you really think about it, CBD is improving the quality of life for millions of people across

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cbd oil in louisiana

June 30, 2020

Louisiana: new rules placing CBD limits for food, beverages and smokable hemp products

Louisiana House Bill 843 outlines penalties for the sale or possession of smokable hemp

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Bimini Health Tech

June 20, 2020

Regenerative Medicine: Bimini Health Tech Buys Healeon Medical

Bimini Health Tech, a leader in regenerative medicine, recently acquired Healeon Medical, Inc.

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Coronavirus Hospitals Costs

May 12, 2020

Coronavirus Costs Hospitals and Health Systems $50 billion a Month

With the cancellation of elective surgeries following the outbreak of the new coronavirus,

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Change Healthcare

May 07, 2020

Change Healthcare Buys Back eRx Network, sells Connected Analytics

Change Healthcare has begun May by closing two deals worth $268 million, with the company buying

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coronavirus what went wrong

April 25, 2020

America’s early response to Coronavirus was a complete disaster. Learn from a former CDC Officer Why

America’s original response to the coronavirus was a total disaster. In January and February, no

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Is Kratom Legal in the US

April 14, 2020

Is Kratom Legal in the US? What You Need to Know

Kratom is a tropical tree that grows in Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand. Although the leaves of

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Kratom Withdrawal

April 14, 2020

12 Things You Should Know about Kratom Withdrawal Symptoms

Are you wondering about the signs and symptoms of kratom withdrawal? While kratom withdrawal is

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Anthem Lawsuit

April 01, 2020

DOJ Slaps Anthem With Lawsuit Over Medicare Fraud

The Department of Justice has hit Anthem Inc with a lawsuit, accusing the insurer of knowingly

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gambling addictions

March 26, 2020

5 Things You Should Know About Gambling Addiction During the Coronavirus Outbreak

Gambling addiction is a physical and psychological inability to stop gambling, and one that can

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ER wait time

March 06, 2020

25-Year-Old Teacher Dies After Hours-Long ER Wait

Froedtert Hospital staff did not check on a 25-year-old Wisconsin daycare teacher’s vital signs

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Gilead’s drug remdesivir

February 26, 2020

Gilead’s Drug Remdesivir Could Treat Coronavirus, According to WHO

American biotech firm Gilead Sciences could help treat the deadly coronavirus, via its drug

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Verana Health

February 25, 2020

Verana Health Buys Pya Analytics and Raises $100 Million to Expand Operations

Verana Health announced, earlier this month, the acquisition of PYA Analytics and the closing of a

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Practice Fusion

February 13, 2020

Healthcare Software Firm Fined $145 Million for Opioid Kickbacks

Health care company Practice Fusion has been fined $145M for taking kickbacks related to an opioid

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Coronavirus Vaccine

February 08, 2020

Drugmakers Work to Create Coronavirus Vaccine

Drugmakers are working to develop a vaccine that could protect against the novel Coronavirus. With

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DuPage Medical

February 05, 2020

DuPage Medical To Open Two New Centers Worth $60m

DuPage Medical is planning to open two new centers in Oak Lawn and Westmont worth a total of about

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Coronavirus in Illinois

February 02, 2020

One Illinois Resident Diagnosed With Coronavirus Remains in Isolation

A Chicago woman diagnosed with coronavirus remains in good condition in isolation, officials have

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national suicide hotline

January 25, 2020

The Case for a 3-Digit Suicide Hotline

Experts say a proposed 3-digit suicide hotline could reduce stigma surrounding mental health and

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vaping devices banned

December 01, 2019

The American Medical Association wants e-cigarettes and vaping devices banned

The American Medical Association called November 19th for an immediate ban on all electronic

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health insurance if self-employed

November 20, 2019

Group Health Insurance Plan – How to Get One if You are Self-Employed?

Health insurance is incredibly important to not only keep you and your family healthy, but it can

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doctor sexual discrimination

October 09, 2019

Doctor Publicly speaks out about sexual discrimination at work

A female doctor has spoken out about her experiences with sexual discrimination at work, and the

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ian tong doctor on demand

August 04, 2019

[Podcast] Doctor on Demand & the Future of Personalized Telemedicine

Meet doctor Ian Tong, Chief Medical Officer @ Doctor On Demand, a video consultation service that

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healthcare costs

July 14, 2019

Bipartisan efforts to control healthcare costs through new legislation continue

Healthcare system costs continue to be in the centre of political debate, despite some

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July 07, 2019

Healthtech startup Livongo just filed to go public to cover losses and keep growing

Healthtech startup Livongo just filed to go public, June 28th, with quick revenue growth as well

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June 02, 2019

UnitedHealthcare Named, Once Again, the Most Valuable Healthcare Brand

The 2019 report from Brand Finance on the top 25 healthcare brands was just published on May 22nd.

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March 23, 2019

Amazon-Berkshire-JPM’s Healthcare Org. hires new leader

Brief:      Sandhya Rao has been hired as vice president of clinical strategy following the

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Surprise Medical Bills

March 08, 2019

U.S. Senate Works On Legislation To Curb Surprise Medical Bills

A bipartisan Senate health care price transparency working group has released draft legislation

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Medicare for All Bill

March 07, 2019

New ‘Medicare for All’ Bill in the Senate and Why Does it Matter?

On February 27, 2019, Pramila Jayapal, an American politician and activist from the state of

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