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Healthcare is changing. Fast.

From the adoption of artificial intelligence and other emerging technologies to the constant volatility in healthcare regulation, preparing your organization for the changes that lie ahead is no small feat.

Add the constant pressure you face as an executive to cut costs, grow revenue, and create a high performing organization, and it’s easy to see why you’re looking for a place that provides the support you need to lead effectively.

Healthcare Weekly is that place.

Conceived from our work developing custom software solutions for doctors and hospitals, we were struck by how the leaders and organizations we worked with all faced the same issues: delivering effective and efficient patient care, improving staff engagement, cutting administrative costs, implementing new technologies … the list goes on.

It’s why we decided to create a space for healthcare executives to come together to freely exchange ideas, to learn from both each other and industry leaders, and to help prepare your organization for both the exciting opportunities and difficult challenges to come.

It is our hope that this forum serves as both a community and a guide for you, and helps you confidently move your organization into the future of healthcare.

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