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AI powered solutions for patient centered healthcare, launched at HIMSS19

Last week, more than 45,000 health IT professionals met in Orlando, Florida, to showcase technological innovations, argue about interoperability, network and announce new collaborations at the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) conference for 2019.

In previous years, artificial intelligence, machine learning and population health were the dominating trend of the HIMSS talks. This year, under the theme “champions of health unite”, the focus was on the patients, with all efforts converging towards finding ways to effectively help  them.

Some very interesting news came out of this year’s conference, and we are going to focus on a few that will help us get a glimpse of the shape healthcare development will follow this year.

Sutter Health and Ada Health want to offer personalized, on-demand health guidance

The first good news comes from Sutter Health, a leading U.S.-based not-for-profit healthcare network, that is teaming up with Ada Health to offer personalized health guidance to patients exactly when they need it. The aim is to help people make informed decisions about the steps they need to take to receive care.

The two partners bring to the table their respective assets: Ada’s AI-powered symptom assessment and care navigation platform will be integrated into Sutter Health’s website and My Health Online patient portal. The reach will be significant, since Sutter’s more than 3 million current patients, as well as any new ones its website gains, will receive personalized care experience.

This news comes right after Ada’s recent launch of its Global Health Initiative, a drive to partner with governments, NGOs and health organizations to address global healthcare inequity. The aim is to provide access to healthcare, by using AI, human medical expertise and mobile technology.

How will this new feature be implemented for patients?

Each patient has unique healthcare needs and preferences, so personalizing care is more critical than ever, if providers want to convince patients to appeal to the care they supply.

By providing answers to a series of personalized questions about their medical history and current symptoms, patients could fill in an Ada health assessment, directly from the Sutter Health site.

Ada’s platform will assess those answers and provide users with the most likely symptom causes and the best care options, varying from self-care, to going to a walk-in clinic or – if necessary – going to the emergency rooms.

The program is the latest in Sutter Health’s larger digital health initiative to collaborate with innovative technology companies to extend its reach beyond traditional healthcare delivery.

Ada’s technology supports patients at the earliest appearance of symptoms: this is its key benefit. Directing patients to appropriate care from the beginning of their healthcare experience, is especially critical and can influence the rest of the patient’s journey through the healthcare system. By providing patients with access to an earlier, holistic health assessment, the platform helps them make informed decisions, while saving time and money.

Both parties have high hopes for the future of healthcare

Sutter Health’s integrated network tries to provide communities with more efficient care and to help reduce healthcare costs. Ada’s innovation in digital health supports Sutter Health’s work and helps it assess how to best use this technology to the benefit of its patients and providers, ensuring they have access to a more efficient, affordable and personalized care.

“Sutter Health is constantly seeking creative and effective ways to meet patients where they are for their care needs throughout our integrated network of care, and this is one of many new innovations to improve the patient experience,” said Albert Chan, M.D., who leads Sutter Health’s Digital Patient Experience team. “Ada Health’s platform takes care of the symptom intake tasks, which allows clinicians to devote more time to patient care, and also empowers our patients to better manage their own healthcare.”

“Every step of the health journey is becoming more personalized and digitized, with a greater emphasis on empowering the individual to play an active role in their health,” said Daniel Nathrath, CEO and co-founder of Ada Health. “But there are still immense barriers to healthcare access and growing complexities. Now more than ever, we need to work together to improve outcomes and costs for patients, providers, and payers, and to unlock new possibilities. We’re thrilled to collaborate with Sutter Health on this exciting project to place patients at the center of the care paradigm, and to make healthcare more immediately accessible for all.”

QuartzClinical’s Machine Learning-Powered Data Warehousing and Clinical Registry Tools

Another important  announcement  at the HIMSS19 conference came from QuartzClinical concerning a new suite of sophisticated machine learning-powered data warehousing and clinical registry tools.

Being HIPAA compatible and having bank-level encryption, these new tools automate the data acquisition, storage, and retrieval needs of healthcare enterprises, and solve the issues that were part of the prior generation of software tools.

Access to mission-critical data is permanently available, in a secure, cloud-based environment. Machine learning and advanced AI is used to quickly correct errors within the data warehouse system, thus ensuring a reduction in the cost and time to enter the data. Completely integrated into the QuartzClinical cloud-based healthcare data analytics platform, this system allows a hospital to fully implement the appropriate business intelligence solution in a matter of days instead of months.

These new tools are supposed to replace traditional, human reliant, data entry systems which employ nurses, data entry staff, and technicians. Higher quality and more comprehensive data, entered in a timely fashion, is the result,and is expected to solve many of the issues faced by large database research studies.

Both systems are natively compatible with smartphones, tablets, and computers, since they  employ a modern Web 2.0 interface. Since they are automated interfaces, the costs associated with data management and storage are further reduced.

The sliding-scale pricing model and no per-user costs make the system affordable to even small organizations.

The first Artificial Intelligence-based Data Activation Platform, launched by Innovaccer

Innovaccer Inc.  launched the first Artificial Intelligence-based Data Activation Platform at HIMSS19. The platform integrates 300+ Electronic Health Records, Claims Systems, Labs Systems, Financial Systems etc., to give providers a single source of truth.

Analysts and research firms, including KLAS and Gartner, gave good ratings to the company.

In their Research’s Performance Report for Population Health Management for 2018, KLAS gave Innovaccer an overall score of 92.8*.

Along with added Artificial Intelligence applications, the Data Activation Platform helps care providers improve outcomes in real time. Doctors (InNote), care managers (InCare), healthcare leaders (InGraph), and patients (InConnect) all have pre-built applications in the Data Activation platform.

“Healthcare technology has advanced exponentially and has shaped the very essence of care delivery. With the sheer amount of information soaring, Innovaccer brings a fundamental data-first approach to the industry, and our powerful data activation platform has become imperative to the delivery of connected, proactive patient care,” said David Nace MD, CMO at Innovaccer Inc.

“The healthcare internet is our greatest hope for ending the decades-old technological beat down that contributes to the increasing rates of physician burnout. Innovaccer has a novel, multidimensional approach that is revolutionizing healthcare. With our data activation platform, we can finally fulfill the promise of holistic health technology,” said Paul Grundy MD, MPH, FACOEM, FACPM, Chief Transformation Officer, Innovaccer Inc.

“We plan to right the wrongs of the healthcare technology, drive efficiency in healthcare, and most importantly, enable more efficient outcomes for patients, doctors, and care teams,” says Abhinav Shashank, CEO at Innovaccer Inc. “With increasing costs and inefficiencies in healthcare, activating data with Artificial intelligence workflows across the continuum of care will help care providers improve outcomes. This is the future of healthcare.”

About Sutter Health

Sutter Health is more than 60,000 people strong thanks to its integrated network of physicians, employees and volunteers. Rooted in Sutter Health’s not-for-profit mission, these team members partner to deliver exceptional care that feels personal. From physician offices to hospitals to outpatient care centers and home services, they proudly support and learn from the more than 3 million people in their care—nearly 1 percent of the U.S. population, in one of the most diverse and innovative regions in the world. Sutter pioneers adopt new technologies, make novel discoveries and embrace creative thinking to help patients and communities achieve their best health. From its street nurse program that provides check-ups for homeless people, to telemedicine-aided specialist consultations, to walk-in care clinics, to smart glass technology, the Sutter Health team goes beyond traditional models to make care more convenient and to nurture and empower people throughout their medical journey.

About Ada Health

Ada Health is on a mission to bring the future of personalized care to everyone. Founded in 2011 by a team of doctors, scientists and engineers, Ada offers an AI-powered health platform that is helping millions of people around the world understand their health and navigate to the appropriate care. Our sophisticated artificial intelligence technology also supports clinical decision making and enables payers and providers to deliver quality, more effective healthcare. Ada launched globally in 2016 and has been the number one medical app in over 130 countries.

About Surgisphere

In 2007, Apex Testing, LLC, founded in 1998 in Chicago Illinois, became Surgisphere Corporation and is creating a seismic transformation in healthcare. The company expands into electronic health records with the Quartz platform. For medical organizations who need to measure and increase performance with precision, QuartzClinical fulfills the promise of advanced business intelligence and connects knowledge from data in ways that empower your entire organization to make better decisions every day at every level. Quartz Clinical leverages billions of data points to provide detailed benchmarking data on all clinical, financial, and supply chain segments.

About Innovaccer

Innovaccer is a leading healthcare technology company,  based in San Francisco with offices across the United States and Asia, which is pioneering the Data Activation Platform that’s helping the industry realize the promise of value-based care.

Innovaccer’s proprietary integration & analysis engine cleans, aggregates, and delivers insights when physicians need it most – at the moment of care.

This revolutionary technology streams rich analytics with custom insights and dashboards, automates workflows, provides real-time decisions for care teams.

Innovaccer applications are running on ipads, tablets, laptops, and desktops of doctors, RNs, and administrators, over 10,000 providers in all, at more than 500 locations.


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