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2019 Kellogg Business of Healthcare Conference
December 13, 2018 | by Healthcare Weekly Staff

2019 Kellogg Business of Healthcare Conference

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2019 Kellogg Business of Healthcare Conference
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About the event

Northwestern University | Kellogg School of Management is proud to present the 2019 Business of Healthcare Conference

Blurring the Lines: Examining a New Healthcare Landscape

Organizations across the US healthcare ecosystem are having an identity crisis. Changing regulations, increased public attention, and the emergence of disruptive new entrants and non-traditional healthcare companies are threatening the business models of established players. As a result, long-standing market participants have responded through investment, acquisition, and partnership outside their traditional domains. The 2019 Kellogg Business of Healthcare Conference will examine the impact of this shifting healthcare landscape on all playersto determine who will be left standing in the years to come.

We are excited that this year’s conference will feature three keynote speakers:

  • Andrew Hayek, CEO, OptumHealth
  • Iyah Romm, CEO and Co-Founder, CityBlock Health
  • David Torchiana, MD, President and CEO, Partners Healthcare System

The four panels will discuss the following themes:

  • A View on Vertically Integrated Models
  • The Future of Hospitals
  • The Promise of Personalized Medicine
  • Tackling the Opioid Crisis Through Collaboration and Innovation

**Please note that tickets are non-refundable.**

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