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Healthcare Weekly’s Parent Company Receives Timmy Award for Best Tech Workplace Diversity

When founders Codrin Arsene and Michael Reddy first conceptualized Healthcare Weekly, they envisioned a digital space where leaders executives, investors, and PR companies in the healthcare industry could come together to share ideas, learn from each other, and continue to innovate.

At Healthcare Weekly, innovation is our business - from the stories we cover to the solutions we provide.

And we’re proud to announce that on October 24, at Chicago’s 4th Annual Tech in Motion Timmy Awards, our parent company Digital Authority Partners (DAP) was officially named the winner for Best Tech Workplace Diversity.

DAP is a next generation digital solutions provider to some of the largest healthcare, financial services, and government organizations, helping them adapt and thrive in the Digital Age.

Exceptional results require exceptional people.

Across both companies, our founders look beyond the resume to build a world-class team made up of diverse backgrounds. This not only helps us deliver exceptional results for clients, but also creates a culture of constant learning and big ideas.

Says DAP and Healthcare Weekly’s CEO, Codrin Arsene:

We’re humbled, excited and honored to have received this award and join the ranks of Linkedin, Facebook, Venmo, Salesforce and Capital One among the most diverse tech teams in America. In an industry riddled with biased hiring practices and imperfect work cultures, we are happy to be recognized as an innovative company. We are a strong team of 50 dreamers, disruptors and innovators. And we’re here to help all our employees, clients, and collaborators look forward to a better, fairer and brighter future. I couldn’t be any prouder of all we have achieved and am excited for what is yet to come!”

Healthcare Weekly would also like to take the opportunity to thank everyone for their continued support. We’re proud to be part of an amazing company, and can’t wait to see what the future holds as we blaze a new trails with our all-star team.


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