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Healthtech Leader Eon Announces $16MM Growth Equity Investment to Power Its Growth

Eon, a leading provider of incidental findings and screening patient management software, announced April 6th that it received a significant minority equity investment led by Integrity Growth Partners (Eon”IGP”). The investment marks the first time Eon has raised an institutional round of outside capital; Eon will remain independent and founder-led.   

The partnership with IGP, which includes participation from UCHealth’s CARE Innovation Center (“UCHealth”), CU Healthcare Innovation Fund, and 25m Health, will enable accelerated growth in key business areas.

Innovations and Using Blockchain Technology, the Future of Healthcare

Innovations in healthcare are extremely important, no matter if  established companies or startups come up with them.

Whether it’s a new service, physical product, or software company, Healthcare Weekly stays up-to-date in everything to do with healthtech. 

We reviewed more than 200 healthcare startups that have received funding or announced major initiatives in 2022 and put together a list of our top 38 healthcare startups to watch. The stakes are high, since the US is spending around 20 percent of its GDP on healthcare. That’s why it comes as no big surprise that blockchain technology is positioned to be the next big thing in healthcare.  Blockchain can help improve interoperability, security, shareability, compliance, management, and accessibility of patient data in many ways. The adoption of the blockchain technology could save the healthcare industry up to $100-$150 billion per year by 2025 in data breach-related costs, IT costs, operations costs, support function costs and personnel costs, and through a reduction in frauds and counterfeit products.

Preventing at-risk Patients “slipping through the cracks” 

Eon provides a cloud-based patient management platform with solutions for many disease states, enabling hospitals and health systems to capture and longitudinally track patients at risk for future catastrophic diagnoses, creating a stage shift in the early detection of cancer and possible prevention of ruptured aneurysms. Eon’s platform leverages computational linguistics, an advanced form of linguistics under the artificial intelligence umbrella, and robust data science models to accurately capture incidental findings in radiology reports. Eon’s solution also provides care navigators with intuitive workflows for patient outreach, ensuring that at-risk patients don’t “slip through the cracks” and are adherent to recommended follow-up exams and procedures. 

Dr. Aki Al-Zubaidi, Eon Founder & co-CEO, is an Interventional Pulmonologist who founded Eon in 2015 to solve a clinical problem he experienced first-hand – lung cancer was most often diagnosed at a late stage where the likelihood of survival for those diagnosed was low. He knew that by tracking patients with lung nodules found early on regular radiology exams, he could diagnose lung cancer at earlier stages. The Eon executive team raised this round to power the next phase of growth, and Dr. Aki states, “We believe that IGP’s investment and knowledge will help us continue to execute on our mission to make patients healthier and healthcare affordable.” 

UCHealth, an innovative, nonprofit health system based in Colorado that focuses on improving health through innovation, was evaluating Eon as a partner for their early detection of lung cancer program, when they learned of the investment opportunity. This investment, alongside sister fund CU Healthcare Innovation Fund, represents the 13th company the system has invested in.

“We are excited about the possibilities that this innovative technology may provide for our patients,” said Dan Rieber, UCHealth’s Chief Financial Officer. “We hope our investment in Eon technology will help improve patient outcomes by allowing hospitals to track patients at high risk for developing serious medical conditions, like cancer, heart disease or even an aneurysm.”

Eon Is Used by Over 45 Health Systems and 400 Hospital Facilities Across the U.S

Today, Eon is used by over 45 health systems and 400 hospital facilities across the U.S. Notable partner health systems include LifePoint Health, HCA Healthcare, Ascension, Cleveland Clinic, and SCL Health. UCHealth, in conjunction with their investment, will also begin using Eon at all of their hospitals and imaging centers through a phased implementation.

According to Dr. Aki, their comprehensive platform allows them to deliver tremendous value to their health system partners as they work to optimize patient outcomes and reduce patient leakage. “We are thrilled to be working alongside the team at IGP, along with our other partners, and we look forward to further establishing ourselves as the leader in incidental patient management”, dr. Aki added.

Historically, Eon has focused efforts on growth and revenue as a source of funding, rather than traditional fundraising partnerships, which fits IGP’s investment strategy of investing in founder owned and operated companies.  “We are incredibly proud of the industry-leading software platform we have built, and the work we have done to make incidental management a higher priority in healthcare. In choosing a partner, it was important for us to find one who not only understands our mission but can provide meaningful support and strategic insight as we continue to evolve; we found that in IGP,” said Christine Spraker, co-CEO of Eon.

“We could not be more excited to lead the first institutional investment in Eon and to partner with Aki, Christine, and the rest of the amazing team at Eon,” said Ryan Anderson, Partner at IGP. “Through its industry-leading solution, Eon not only helps hospitals address the growing need to more effectively capture and manage care of at-risk patients – many of which have historically ‘slipped through the cracks’ – but more importantly helps providers deliver the best patient care possible, ultimately leading to improved patient outcomes.”

About Eon

Eon is a data science company that reduces variation in care and ensures adherence through patient capture, engagement, management, and tracking. We are on a mission to ensure the right data reaches the right people at the right time to make patients healthier and healthcare affordable. We believe together we can defy disease.

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