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4 Things You Should Know About Redesigning Your Hospital Website

There are many factors that need to be taken into consideration when redesigning your hospital website. Among these are the many online patient portals available for searching health information online. So it is important to remember that the digital experience on these platforms plays a central role in the journey of physicians and patients when visiting hospital websites.

Technology is constantly growing and advancing and many companies and organizations are able to use this technology to grow their businesses. Specifically, hospitals that incorporate the latest technologies to improve their customer experiences with a dynamic online presence are able to attract more customers. By having a dynamic online presence, hospitals are able to distinguish themselves from their competition and customers can make better informed decisions in choosing where they go for health care services.

The guide to app development for healthcare executives outlines how users can effectively manage their medical conditions with the use of technology.

Reasons Why Hospitals Need Websites

Website development is absolutely important for all companies, including medical organizations, that wish to have successful clinics and hospitals. Hospital web resources are one of the most important channels through which sales of medical products and services are represented. This is especially true since ever growing numbers of patients are using the web to find the necessary information they are looking for.

Websites are important because they serve as the main communication channels for potential clients. They also they open opportunities to create a distinctive brand based on the hospital’s services. Websites are also beneficial in helping hospitals stay in touch with patients by providing an easy way to maintain constant interaction with your patients. Through websites, hospitals are able to actively accept feedback about the level of medical services provided, which serves to help improve future services.

High levels of service are more easily maintained and improved if there is constant interaction with patients. Websites allow this to take place. In addition, websites help attract new patients to hospitals by providing clear descriptions of their services. This is important because many people prefer to seek places to conduct and discuss treatment options through the internet.

Points to Consider When Redesigning Your Hospital Website

Below are 4 points you should be aware of when redesigning the website for your hospital….

Be responsive

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Using a responsive design system to create a site, can help to change the behavior patterns of mobile users. For instance, there is an increase in buyers who use smartphones and tablets to find medical information online. If hospitals do not optimize their website and adapt it for use on a mobile screen, they lose potential customers.

Hospital apps for patients

In healthcare technology, there has been a virtual explosion of interest in utilizing various different apps to reach patients quickly and more effectively. There are many patients who use technology to monitor their health with fitness apps such as FitBit. Hospital websites should provide a way to connect with this changing consumer shift by allowing patients to upload data from their apps to the hospital website in order to better track their health. Hospitals can be more responsive to patients if they are using forms of technology that allow patients to easily access their medical information.

With over 700 million iPhone users worldwide, many are using this opportunity to create websites for hospitals that collect data straight from apps. For example, the Apple Health app records data such as the number of steps taken every day and organizes it into consumable information. This gives hospitals an opportunity to communicate with the Health app and gives doctors accurate reflections of how active patients are on a daily basis.

Focus on function

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Efficient medical websites require at least an exclusive design, clinical specialists, lists of services, price lists, online bookings and great feedback. Clients land on your website for specific purposes and it is important to have a website that makes it seamless for them to get the information they seek. Below are some ways that you can increase the functionality of your hospital website…

  • Load time: this is a huge factor when it comes to getting the attention of potential customers.
  • Ensure your website works on a variety of devices and browsers.
  • Make sure the website is easy to navigate for the average person.
  • Have action-oriented buttons for customers to easily access products and services

Digital marketing strategy and data analytics

Developing a strategy that is focused on your medical website visitors allows more customers to reach your website Use data analytics to research and figure out your target audience. Using search engine optimization and keywords helps attract the right types of patients to your hospital website: the ones who are looking for the services you provide.

The Bottom Line

The functionality of a hospital website can be a very important factor in attracting customers to your products and services. For any business or organization to be successful, it is imperative to have a website that is responsive, interacts with other applications and sources, is high on functionality, and uses digital marketing strategies to target the right customers.


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