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Human API, on way to transform health data exchange with $10M new funding

Human API, the largest health data network in the US, announced on February 11th that it has secured $10M in new funding to invest in product development and market expansion. BlueRun Ventures and Max Levchin’s SciFi VC are the returning investors in this round, while newcomers Guardian Life Insurance Company, SCOR Life and Health Ventures have shown strong support.  

What is Human Api’s approach to aggregating health data?  

Human API is a data aggregation platform that compiles, stores and abstracts data from various internet enabled sources such as mobile devices, wearable sensors etc. The service basically extracts all health related data from these devices, whether they measure blood glucose, physical activity, caloric intake, blood pressure or any other data health data points.  Having all this data would, however, prove useless without a certain “language” to help decipher and prepare it for meaningful use. This is why Human API tries to provide the tools to make the data ready to serve a significant variety of commercial operators, health insurers included.

Integration of data from so many different sources would have been impossible without forging partnerships with different health related entities such as Fitbit, ihealth, Jawbone and numerous  labs, pharmacies, devices and apps. These made it possible for individuals to securely share their health data with any third party of their choosing, no matter how that particular data was processed or stored.

Andrei Pop, CEO of Human API, has explained the company’s proprietary approach: “Our health data is stored in a lot of disparate datasets. Due to very difficult technical challenges, we rarely get the opportunity to pull it all together and create a clear, quantitative picture of an individual’s health. Over the years many have proposed that an answer to freeing health data might be to let patients control it and make sharing decisions directly. That’s the basic idea behind Human API.”

How UCSF Integrates with Human API to advance research – a case study

The Human Api solution has a significant opportunity to prove it works wonders since UCSF, the large academic health system that serves Northern California, uses the Human API platform to connect patient data for clinical research and outcome studies.

UCSF Health’s option can be viewed as a vote of confidence, since the community is recognized worldwide for its highly innovative patient care. Specialists here have always tried to implement the most advanced technologies, to use the latest medical knowledge and pioneering research to the benefits of the patients.

Which hospitals and research facilities are within UCSF? They include:

  • UCSF Medical Center, ranked among the top five hospitals nationwide
  • UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospitals, with campuses in San Francisco and Oakland
  • Langley Porter Psychiatric Hospital and Clinics
  • UCSF Benioff Children’s Physicians
  • UCSF Faculty Practice

These hospitals constitute the academic medical center of the University of California, San Francisco, a world-renowned institution, with a high graduate-level in health sciences education and biomedical research.

UCSF has implemented Human API’s solution  into their Health eHeart study. More than 200,000 patients from around the country have the ability to share their health records and device data. These patients can share everything from medical records with different providers, data concerning claims with their insurer, prescription data with a certain pharmacy, and digital health data provided by their various devices. All this data, coming from different external sources are connected by Human API, and can subsequently be shared by the patients with UCSF for medical research.

Human Api and its old and new investors have big plans for the future

Data security is immensely important nowadays, and even more so when it comes to someone’s health information. Human Api has big plans for the next two years, according to its CEO, and investors have already given their vote of confidence by entering into this venture.

“We have bold plans for the next 24 months, and are thrilled to welcome our new investors,” said Andrei Pop, Founder and Chief Executive. “Over the past 12 months we’ve significantly grown our clinical data network and launched our new enterprise data suite to streamline insurance underwriting and clinical research. This new investment will help us further expand our data infrastructure and machine learning capabilities, grow our market reach, and advance our mission to put consumers in control of their own health information.”

“Human API’s bold mission of organizing and exchanging real time health data on every human being on the planet is exciting,” said Max Levchin of SciFi VC, “The growth of the company over the past year has been excellent, and we are excited to support Andrei and the team’s ambitious plans going forward.”

“We are excited to support Human API’s vision of making health data sharing simple and consumer oriented,” said Chris Dyrhaug, Executive Vice President at Guardian Life Insurance Company, one of the nation’s largest mutual life insurers. “We began working with Human API in 2018 and soon realized the potential impact their solution could have on our business, as evidenced by our investment. Their approach aligns with our interest in streamlining our underwriting process and engaging our customers as they improve their health and wellness.”

“SCOR Global Life seeks to extend protection and peace of mind and to make insurance more accessible, relevant and desirable to consumers. We look to build solutions with our insurance clients that enable them to provide their customers with a simpler and faster buying experience,” said Brona Magee, Deputy CEO of SCOR Global Life.

“This partnership with Human API supports our efforts to accelerate the underwriting process through electronic health data and automated decision making. Human API is in a unique position to transform health data exchange and create innovation opportunities across the healthcare and insurance ecosystem.”

About Human API

Human API is the nation’s largest consumer-centric health data network. The Human API platform retrieves, analyzes, normalizes, and delivers unique clinical data and wellness information on consumers from our network of over 20,000 unique integrations spanning more than 600,000 healthcare providers and 230 million consumers.

About SciFi VC

SciFi VC is an early stage venture capital firm started by PayPal and Affirm co-founder Max Levchin. SciFi invests in high potential companies within fields such as frontier tech, fintech, healthcare, and marketplaces.

About Guardian

Guardian Life Insurance is a Fortune 250 mutual life insurance company and a leading provider of life, disability and other benefits for individuals, at the workplace and through government sponsored programs.

About SCOR Global Life

SCOR, one of the world’s largest reinsurers, provides insurance companies with a diversified and innovative range of solutions and services to control and manage risk.

About BlueRun Ventures

BlueRun Ventures (BRV) is an early stage venture firm focused on opportunities in mobile software, fintech, digital health and real time data systems. BlueRun invests as the first institutional investor and has led investments in PayPal, Coupa Software, Waze, Ganji, and Kabbage. The firm is headquartered in Menlo Park, CA.

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