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Chicago’s Healthcare Industry is Thriving With the Help of Managed IT Service Providers

Chicago is home to dozens of nationally recognized healthcare companies. From state-of-the-art hospitals to health-tech firms, they provide massive value to customers and businesses every day.

However, increasing expenditures have put these firms under cost-cutting pressure. Information technology is one area where managers have found efficiencies. In many firms, reviews of in-house systems have turned up multiple opportunities for improvements.

As Chicago healthcare firms have searched for solutions, managed IT service firms have proven their worth. From a cost and result-based perspective, these outsourcers have regularly outperformed the status quo. Check out our recent stories on notable investments and acquisitions in the Chicago healthcare scene about Apervita, Health Navigator, and VillageMD

How are they doing this? Let’s examine several benefits that managed IT services offer Chicago healthcare companies.

Managed IT Services Cost Less Than In-House IT

The cost of IT labor is an economy-wide issue. Shortages in key talent mean sky-high salaries – in Chicago, many roles command salaries significantly higher than the national average. So, if you’re a healthcare company looking to control costs, labor is one area where you’ll want to look for solutions. 

When it comes to competitive cost-structures,  managed IT service firms are often the superior solution. A white paper published by CDW found that healthcare organizations could realize savings of up to 40% by integrating managed IT services into their operations.

We’ll be honest, though – in hospital environments, some IT roles are essential. Director, manager, analyst, and network administration positions are ones that may be better handled by in-house employees. However, do you really need an on-site help desk team?

Rather than employ 4-6 techs at about $56,000 each, you could bring in a managed IT service firm that charges a much more affordable rate. For full coverage, many outsourcers charge about $100 per user per month. However, if you are only supplementing your team with outsourced talent, that cost drops. If you have 200 users, and your IT outsourcer charges $70 per user per month, your annual spend comes out to about $168,000. Compare that to $336,000 in salary for six help-desk employees. If you find more uses for managed IT service firms within your organization, these savings can compound even further.

Ready to explore the cost-saving measures that a managed IT service firm can provide? Ntiva is an industry leader in Chicago and nationwide, see how they could improve outcomes in your organization.

Managed IT Service Firms Are Digitizing The Workplace

For many years, records in many Chicago healthcare firms have remained analog/paper-based – until recently, that is. Paper medical records used to be routine up until the early 2010s. Since then, the prominence of EHRs (electronic health records) have increased significantly.

From 2013 to today, medical malpractice claims have fallen by 10%. From 1991 to today, claims have plunged by 50%. What changed? Increasingly, managed IT service firms have been brought in to implement the digitization of medical records.

Fast forward to today – with increasing demand for remote work amid COVID-19, IT outsourcers have helped to set up the needed infrastructure. Thanks to their help, patients and workers are safer than they were in the past.

Managed IT Service Firms Ensure HIPAA Compliance

The security of stored data is among the top priorities of any IT team. When it comes to health records, though, this duty takes on heightened importance. The federal government requires healthcare firms to comply with stringent guidelines laid out in HIPAA – the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act.

If you need to digitize your health records, you must get things done right the first time. Your in-house team, burdened with day-to-day concerns, might not be best for this job. By bringing in a qualified managed IT service firm, they will focus intently on ensuring that your new network is HIPAA-compliant.

Not sure if you’re meeting requirements as laid out in HIPAA? Managed service IT firms have assessments that will flag problem areas, allowing you to address uncovered deficits. 

Managed IT Firms Can Help You Set Up Telemedicine Infrastructure 

COVID-19 has introduced unforeseen risks to many Chicago-area healthcare facilities. Patients that have fallen ill with the virus have been presenting themselves to doctor’s offices and emergency departments, increasing patient and staff risk.

Over the past few months, though, several healthcare systems across Illinois have debuted telehealth systems. This way, those infected with mild symptoms of COVID-19 and vulnerable patients can be assessed safely.

Setting up a similar system requires specific equipment, training, and adequate broadband. If your in-house IT team is already overwhelmed, have a managed IT services firm set it up for you. 

Cut Costs & Increase Effectiveness With Outsourced IT Solutions

Chicago-area healthcare companies have tangled with unforeseen economic challenges this year. However, not only is it possible to tame your IT budget, but you can also improve its efficiency. 

Managed IT service firms, with an outside perspective and countless years of experiences, can make this happen. After working with one of these firms, you might come away surprised by the results they can achieve.

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