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[Podcast]: Streamlining the Healthcare Licensing Process with BlocHealth

Today’s podcast guest is Jared Taylor. He is the CEO and co-founder of BlocHealth, which is a blockchain-based healthcare company taking on the licensing and credentialing process in the industry. BlocHealth has created a solution that will streamline this entire process.

BlocHealth leverages a universal common application and blockchain technology to make the process go much faster without sacrificing security. Jared shares the roles of these two aspects and provides an explanation of how they work together to relieve healthcare providers of somewhat tedious activities.

Getting providers to update their information readily is tough, but BlocHealth makes this easy by alerting them when licenses expire. Reducing incomplete applications along with getting applications back faster are areas where Jared believes BlocChain can alter the healthcare landscape for the better.

Listen to the podcast to learn about:

  • How BlocHealth works and its desired outcome
  • The biggest challenges of healthcare in the United States
  • Verification in the healthcare industry
  • Gaps in legislation that need to be overcome by BlocHealth
  • The value proposition of BlocHealth
  • Cost reduction while staying aligned with policies
  • The current status of BlocHealth
  • Obstacles faced by the whole blockchain industry
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