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Podcast: The Future of Blockchain in Healthcare with Robert Chu, CEO @ Embleema

Recently, we looked at the most amazing companies in healthcare leveraging blockchain to redefine the healthcare industry from within.

Today, in an exclusive HealthcareWeekly Podcast, Codrin Arsene, Healthcare Weekly’s CEO talked to Robert Chu, CEO at Embleema, one of the most revolutionary blockchain-based healthcare startups in the US.

Embleema is a two-sided marketplace which allows patients to sell their medical data to life sciences organizations looking for drug trial participants. Unlike traditional media companies which simply recruit patients for medical trials, Embleema helps collect and enrich medical patient profiles for pharma companies to achieve better medical trial results and outcomes. This includes information collected through the Embleema app, via different Internet of Things devices, surveys and more.

With Embleema, pharma companies can find more qualified patients, faster for their medical trials. But most importantly, pharma researchers can get better patient profiles to submit with their trials for FDA approval.

Listen to this exclusive conversation between Robert Chu, CEO at Embleema, and Codrin Arsene, Healthcare Weekly’s CEO.

What’s covered:

  • What Is Embleema & How Does It Work
  • How Patients can Sell Their Medical Data & How Much Money Can they Make
  • How Blockchain in Revolutionizing Healthcare
  • What is the Future of Blockchain and Emerging Technologies for the Healthcare Industry
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