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T2 Tech Group Buys Patient Access Platform from Revint Solutions

An acquisition in the healthcare industry promises to make one of the top consulting firms even more powerful. T2 Tech Group, a leader in project management and IT consulting and advisory, has purchased the remote patient scheduling services division from healthcare solutions leader Revint Solutions.

The purchase is designed to better position T2 Tech group as the US finds itself with a backlog of patient and care. As the healthcare industry struggles to cope with the vast changes brought on by an unpredictable 2020, strategies and tools for patient accommodations are sorely needed.

T2 Tech Group will use the acquisition to launch a complete solution called T2 Flex Force, LLC that brings cutting edge virtual workforce tech to hospitals and healthcare systems. The Flex Force solution excels at providing improved efficiencies and experiences in the patient access and remote patient scheduling process. T2 takes a powerful market position with the acquisition of Revint’s scheduling and patient access division.

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Many Factors are Converging to Cause Great Change in the Business World

The business world is changing, and business norms from only a decade ago are quickly becoming obsolete and replaced by new ways that are much more effective and efficient. One key area of change is in how companies employ and utilize their workers. The majority of these changes come from a combination of new factors.

First is the advancing technology that allows for companies that hire to select where and how workers will work based on where they live and the hours they want to work. Second is the desire for workers to spend more time at home rather than at an office or traveling to work. Companies used to be very concerned about what shifting employee’s workspaces and office paradigms would mean for their businesses, but many are finding that efficiency improves when you accommodate employees in this way.

Several companies in various industries have mastered managing remote workers, and they use a combination of new management techniques and software to get the job done. For key industries like healthcare, a company must be even more skilled because of the high stakes involved. Revint Solutions, a leader in remote workforce management for the healthcare industry is such a company.

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Revint Solutions is a healthcare industry leader

Revint is an industry-leading full-service healthcare solution and consulting services provider that offers remote patient scheduling services, revenue integrity, and recovery services for hospitals. Today, Revint partners with over 1,700 healthcare organizations in the United States. The company builds assets that help it assist clients to increase their sales and recover revenue that is stuck in the system. Revint selected T2 Tech for the acquisition because of the firm’s deep understanding of the healthcare industry, its existing complementary assets, and its technology and project management expertise.

Remote Patient Scheduling is Complicated

Patient scheduling is a complicated and often time-intensive task. With today’s hospitals being crowded and overbooked, making sure that patients make their appointments on time is critical. Having a remote workforce to handle this critical job frees up medical facilities for other important tasks. More medical facilities are enlisting outside services to manage their patient scheduling. A solution that is seamless and powerful can save time and headaches.

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Where T2 Tech Group Goes from Here

With the acquisition of a patient access and scheduling services division, T2 Tech Group can offer clients remote patient scheduling and remote workforce services in one powerful solution. A key part of the purchase deal is that T2 Tech will retain all of Revint’s employees in this division. The division will not have any downtime and currently provides services to a large roster of national health systems and hospitals.

T2 Tech Group has announced its capability to now expand its service lines beyond scheduling, within the healthcare industry and other verticals. “The demand for efficient, reliable and secure professional-patient access and scheduling services continues to grow and we’re confident that T2 Flex Force will provide a valuable solution for hospitals and health systems during a time when it’s needed most.” said Kevin Torf, managing partner of T2 Tech Group.

Companies in the competitive patient management sector of healthcare must be forward thinking and always looking to add to their suite of products and services. The goal should be efficiency and effectiveness for clients, and the T2 Tech Group acquisition of Revint Solution’s remote patient scheduling division continues T2’s standing as an industry leader.

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