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October 4, 2018 | by Iolanda Bulgaru

Tempus Plans To Expand its Operations

Chicago-based healthcare startup, Tempus, secured $110 million after a Series E financing round, and has now hit the $2 billion valuation mark.

The company uses machine learning and genomic sequencing to better understand a patient’s tumor, and it tailors treatment plans best suited to combat it. It also uses next-gen sequencing, and artificial intelligence assisted image recognition to accelerate insights and helps thousands of physicians make data-driven decisions on behalf of their patients.

Founder, Eric Lefkofsky, who also founded Groupon, said the startup was in a period of “rapid growth and acceleration,” and the new investments will see them looking beyond oncology, with a new focus on other areas like cardiovascular disease and diabetes.

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Iolanda Bulgaru
Healthcare Weekly Staff

Iolanda is senior content strategist at Healthcare Weekly and has 30 years of experience in regulatory compliance, strategy and clinical psychology.

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