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This Week in Healthtech:
Data Security in Healthcare

Week Ending 05-11-18: How artificial intelligence and machine learning are changing data security in healthcare

Blockchain for Healthcare – Closer Than We Think?

Chilmark research takes a deeper dive into blockchain and its applications within healthcare, citing the “ability to offer integrated, decentralized database capabilities, allowing for data exchange without the need for third-party mediation.” Now being compared to the rise of the internet, blockchain stands to be the next disruptor. Read more.

AI and Machine Learning Emerge to Battle Cognitive Healthcare Security Threats

“Polymorphic” malware is the latest threat to data security, and healthcare organizations need AI and ML as their first line of defense. With its ability to quickly detect threats, “machine learning acts as a first responder” and, when combined with other security solutions, helps organizations preempt or mitigate the effects of a breach. Read more.

AI Can Bolster or Undermine Healthcare Data Security, Panel Says

Panelists at the World Medical Innovation Forum explore how AI can both advance and undercut data security in healthcare. According to Carl Kraenzel, Chief Information Security Officer of IBM Watson Health, “You have to assume a security posture of, you have already been breached, you just don’t know it.” Read more.

Embleema gets $3.7M and joins Techstars Alchemist Blockchain Accelerator

The Use of AI will Continue to Present Challenges Within Health

As technology continues to transform every industry, Healthcare Global’s latest article takes a closer look at the unique challenges facing healthcare and how AI-enabled technology can tackle them. They cite interoperability and access to holistic patient records, including wearable data, as opportunities for implementation. Read more.

Hospital Takes Aim at Patient Health Data Security with AI Tools

Penn Highlands Healthcare recently implemented AI and machine learning security software, Darktrace Enterprise Immune System, within its four hospitals. Realizing “you can’t rely on humans to do it all,” Tom Johnson, CIO of Penn Highlands Healthcare, implemented Darktrace for its ability to give the hospital system complete visibility into their network. Read more.