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This Week in Healthtech:
Patient Engagement Powered by Digital Innovation

Week Ending 04-27-18: The patient, the employee, the consumer: engaging users and changing the digital healthcare landscape

Comcast Partners with Independence Health to Create Digital Health Company

Yet another unlikely (but not surprising) duo: Comcast and Independence Health Group. While not much is known about the partnership, the two companies are said to be teaming up to create a customer-centric digital healthcare platform. Comcast appears to be following in the footsteps of tech giants Amazon and Google in hopes of claiming their piece of the healthtech pie. Read more.

5 User Experience Trends Driving Healthcare Digital Transformation

Forbes’ latest look into the digital transformation of healthcare spotlights the importance of user experience in the adoption of new technologies. Some steps for success? Align your IT and operations units, couple telehealth and AI to give access to care that was previously inaccessible, and improve operating systems. Read more.

The Easiest Way to Ruin a Company’s Digital Health Program

Many employers are completely missing the mark when it comes to digital health and employee engagement. Healthcare Analytics News’ article points to key indicators, namely, legacy programs that no longer satisfy employee needs. “To realize the full promise of digital health innovation, employers need to identify solutions that hit the sweet spot…” Read more.

Healthcare Social Media Strategy: 5 Ways to Build Trust

Twitter Co-Founder Invests in Delhi-based AI Startup Visit

Another AI healthcare startup sees investment from tech. Twitter co-founder Biz Stone has invested his own capital in Visit, a Delhi-based startup that supports the “symbiotic relationship between AI and doctors.” Using NLP, Visit’s bots learn from collected data to assist doctors and patients alike. Stone attributes AI’s potential to “amplify the best traits in humanity” as the reason for his investment. Read more. 

Virtual Health Care Could Save the U.S. Billions Each Year

Harvard Business Review details how digital transformation can combat forecasted shortages in available care providers by leveraging new AI-powered technology to assist doctors in the care process. Patients are expecting health technology to catch up, and “are more open to using intelligent technologies, sharing data, and allowing a combination of human and machine to power a new model of health care.” Read more.