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This Week in Healthtech: Technology is Reshaping How We Exercise

Week ending 08-17-2018: reshaping the health and wellness industry with smart technology

Redefining Physical Exercise as We Know It: 3 Things I Learned From Ryan Eder, CEO at IncludeHealth

The healthcare industry accounts for nearly 18% of the GDP of the United States but has undergone very few digital innovation initiatives IncludeHealth decided that the fitness and wellness field is worth pursuing knowing the challenges that lie ahead. The company won an award for being one of this year’s 10 best sport medicine technologies, aiming to be “the future of physical exercise”. IncludeHealth’s CEO gives three lessons on how he leads his successful team and utilizes technology in the healthcare space. Read more.

Working Out Is Hard. Streaming Just Might Make It Easier

Research shows that 82% of gym-goers also exercise at home, and 63% use digital means, like mobile apps, to do so. Peloton is taking advantage of this spike in at-home workouts and bringing cycling right to the living room. Equipped with a 22-inch screen, Peloton’s stationary bike streams live and on-demand classes to cyclists at home, redefining exercise with the help of their online community. Read more.

Michael Kors Access Runway Smartwatch is the Brand’s First Workout-Ready Device

Fancy a new running watch? Michael Kors is combining technology and fashion into its new smartwatch. The company just launched “Michael Kors Access Runway” for runners, featuring an array of state-of-the-art features. The future of healthcare shines bright as big names in fashion look to capture a segment of the growing wearables market. Read more.

Google Coach Wearable AI Assistant May Motivate You to Get in Shape

Google is reportedly creating a wearable health and fitness assistant called “Google Coach”. The assistant will utilize AI to give wearers customized recommendations on how to live a healthier lifestyle based on the data it learns from them. While Google Coach is still in the works, we can be sure Google is constantly looking to innovate healthcare. Read more.

This Startup Wants You to Trade Your Gym Membership for a Mirror

The startup, Mirror, is revolutionizing the at-home workout. Mirror uses user feedback and biometric data to analyze and offer different workout experiences. For instance, users can actually select whether they want one-on-one personal training or group class experiences with “real-time personalization.” Mirror has already raised $13 million in funding and could very well be the next big thing in at-home fitness. Read more.

Mon Ami, an app pairing seniors with college caregivers, gets $3.5 million in funding