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This Week in Healthtech:
The Rise of Mobile Health

Week Ending 07-06-18: The rise of mobile health: telemedicine and doctors on-demand

Telemedicine Enhances Care for High-Risk Pregnancies

St. Mary’s Maternal and Fetal Medicine Clinic has partnered up with world-class physicians for telemedicine consultations. Started by Dr. Amy Gagnon, the initiative seeks to bring a higher level of care for high-risk pregnancies to isolated rural spots in the country through remote screening and monitoring. Read more.

Fuzzy Pet Health Launches A $10-per-Month Telemedicine Vet Care Plan

Telemedicine has entered the veterinary industry. Fuzzy Pet Health in San Francisco Bay Area just launched a new $10 monthly subscription service that allows pet owners to send messages, pictures and videos to a vet anytime. Instead of having to schedule a vet visit, owners simply chat with vets online regarding questions and concerns. Read more.

Let’s Make Telemedicine Available To All

Telemedicine is well-poised to revolutionize areas such as stroke care and urgent care. In response to legislation expanding Medicare telemedicine benefits, companies like NewYork-Presbyterian are launching digital services to expand the access to virtual care. However, more can be done to increase telemedicine care coverage by bridging the gap between regulatory barriers and patient access. Read more.

Early results of Apple Heart Study, presented at cardiologists conference

How Telemedicine Helps Healthcare Organizations Improve Patient Engagement and Satisfaction

Telemedicine technology is on its way to improve the experiences and engagement of patients and providers. According to researchers at Johns Hopkins, telemedicine increases patient satisfaction and quality of life by reducing traveling time for doctor visits and through online medication options. In an everyday-life context, telemedicine also improves patient engagement by allowing doctors and patients to virtually connect. Read more.

Why Telemedicine Has Been Such A Bust So Far

Even though billions of dollars are spent investing in apps and websites for virtual health consultations, the telemedicine industry is still far from being mainstream. Telemedicine technology lacks awareness and adoption due to vague branding, high costs, and inexperienced physicians. While telehealth companies like American Well are working with Apple to increase patient access to clinicians, not all companies can seek rescue from tech giants. Read more.