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This Week in Healthtech:
Value-Based Care and Maximizing Patient Outcomes

Week Ending 07-20-2018: Optimizing patient outcomes and management costs through value-based care

Next-Gen Healthcare Finance Tools: AI and Blockchain Will Help Hospitals Adapt to Value-Based Care

Financial IT experts say it’s time for healthcare CIOs to pay attention to “next generation financial management tools.” According to John Moore of Chilmark Research, “blockchain has the potential to dramatically change how financial technologies are delivered.” Read more.

UHC, Medtronic Use Value-Based Care to Boost Diabetes Management

Further evidence to support the industry shift to value-based care –– work resulting from a United Healthcare and Medtronic partnership has reduced hospital readmissions by 27 percent. The reason for the dramatic decrease, sources cite “commitment by both organizations to prioritize innovation that improves health outcomes and lowers healthcare costs.” Read more.

Cerner Developing “EHR-Diagnostic” Value-Based Care Technology with Lumeris

Cerner and Lumeris announced a new partnership intent on addressing the inefficiencies of health systems and value-based reimbursement. Combining the strengths of both companies, patients and providers could start seeing new tools as soon as 2019. Read more.

J&J’s revolutionary Virtual Reality program for doctors: all you need to know

Health Catalyst Completes Acquisition of HIE Technology Company Medicity

Another key acquisition in the healthcare industry –– this time, Health Catalyst and Medicity. As the industry continues down the path of digital transformation, we can expect healthcare providers teaming up with technological solutions providers to become more commonplace. Read more.

How Hospitals Can Drive Revenue in Value-Based Care Using 7 Key Cycles of Their Data

Everything is driven by data, healthcare is no different. Providers and health systems utilize data to improve quality while attempting to lower costs. HealthTech Zone’s latest article outlines the 7 essential steps to increasing revenue with data in the age of digital health. Read more.