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This Week in Healthtech:
Voice Assistants Revolutionize Healthcare

Week Ending 04-06-18: Voice assistants tried and tested at Boston Children’s Hospital, Alexa can answer your health questions, physicians look to voice assistants to spend more time with patients

What Will Healthcare Look Like Once Smart Speakers Are Everywhere?

Recently, Boston Children’s Hospital piloted voice assistants and found that almost half of the physicians were receptive. The voice assistant pilots were rolled out in three settings: ICU, organ transplant and home health. It was shown that the voice assistants were able to streamline communications and speed up information retrieval to enable faster care delivery. Read more.

Amazon’s Alexa Can Answer Your Health Care Questions

Cigna launches ‘Answers by Cigna’ to explain health insurance benefits to patients. The service also enables Alexa to answer up to 150 commonly asked healthcare questions. The future of healthtech shines bright as both Amazon’s Alexa and Google Assistant are being used in new and impactful ways. Read more.

The impact of AI on the healthcare industry

Nearly 1 in 5 European Physicians Use Siri and Alexa to Tend to Patients

Physicians are using voice assistants to optimize day-to-day operations, enabling them to direct more focus to their patients. According to new data by DRG Digital, more than half of the physicians in the European Union are already using voice assistants at work, with almost 40 percent looking to use the technology in the future. Read more.

Alexa, When’s My Next Medication Dose?

The future is here as the smart home, powered by IoT devices and voice assistants, becomes more commonplace. Alexa’s ability to remind patients to take their medication, help them schedule an appointment with their doctor, and order test strips and logistic skills is just the beginning. Read more. 

Mayo Clinic and Orbita Forge Partnership to Expand Health and Wellness Content Reach

Orbita partners up with health giant Mayo Clinic to improve patient education, engagement and quality of care. Orbita’s voice assistant, powered by conversational AI, will allow patients to access health content when and where it matters most. Read more.

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