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What You Should Know About Hair Transplant Technologies

Turkey is a country at the forefront of medical advancement, and this also extends to cosmetic procedures such as hair transplant surgeries.  Some of the progress in hair transplant treatments involves improving the chances for recovery and developing better instruments for the extraction and grafting of follicles.

The OxyCure Therapy

All living cells in the human body need a blood supply that delivers oxygen and nutrients to the cells and removes waste products and carbon dioxide from the cells.

In order to achieve this goal, researchers also recognized the value of supplemental oxygen. Oxygen is needed by all living cells because cells use it to convert sugars into energy necessary for survival, growth and reproduction.

Human cells, unlike many other organisms, cannot live for long without oxygen.

In fact, when our cells work without oxygen we build up waste in our blood. For example,  we feel stiff and sore after exercising because our cells are “breathing” anaerobically (metabolizing without oxygen) for a short while.

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Oxygen is often used to treat sick patients in a hospital setting, but it is now known that extra oxygen can also help cells recover after certain medical procedures are completed.

Many microbes also survive and thrive when there is no oxygen present, so having a lot of oxygen near damaged cells helps eliminate the anaerobic bacteria that could make us sick.

The OxyCure therapy involves patients being given oxygen in a hyperbaric setting. It has been found that OxyCure works well for people who have had hair transplants done.

Research from 2005 proved the effectiveness and usefulness of hyperbaric oxygen in healing skin wounds. As such, it only makes sense that this would work for hair transplants where skin has been cut open and hair follicles have been removed and transplanted elsewhere.

Sapphire FUE

Another useful advancement has been the invention of the sapphire FUE method.

Sapphire has some clear benefits. It has superior antimicrobial properties and it remains nice and sharp. It can be used for people who may be allergic to metal. The antimicrobial properties are important because it avoids getting an infection from the surgeon cutting into the skin.

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The actual shape of the blade is also different (V shape), while the steel blades often used by physicians have a U shape. This means that using the sapphire blade, a specialist can be more precise and make smaller incisions which helps with micro-dissection.

The sapphire FUE also has additional benefits such as helping with less visible scars and a quicker recovery time. The risk of complications is also very low with this method.