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20 Amazing Creative Things To Do With Cardboard Boxes

Do you have children? Do they enjoy playing with cardboard boxes? Me, too! My toddler loves building forts, playing with cars and trucks, and hiding inside boxes. We’ve all been in that situation. A cardboard box sits in the corner of the room, ready to be transformed into a car, a house, or anything else our imaginations can come up with. Here are 20 brilliant ideas for putting that box to good use.

  1. Use them for storage. Cardboard boxes are great for organizing your home, garage, or office. If you don’t want to throw away a box that no longer serves a purpose, tape it shut and use it as a storage container. You can also stack several smaller boxes on top of one another to create a taller storage unit.
  2. Make them into furniture. Cardboard boxes can be easily transformed into chairs, tables, and other pieces of furniture that you may not already have around the house. For example, you could attach wheels to a box and turn it into a small rolling table, or you could tape several boxes together to create a larger desk surface.
  3. Protect your floors. Cover your floors with cardboard boxes if you have a huge project that will require you to move around a lot, or if you simply want to keep your floors clean. This will create a temporary barrier between your floor and whatever you’re working on, making cleanup much easier when you’re finished.
  4. Use them for art projects. If your kids love drawing, painting, or making crafts, cardboard boxes can be a great way for them to express their creativity. Simply take a box and allow your child to cut it into any shape they desire—an animal, a house, or even a car are all great options. They can then decorate their cardboard creation however they see fit.
  5. Build a fort. Kids (and adults) love building forts out of cardboard boxes. All you need are a few boxes, some tape, and perhaps some blankets or sheets to drape over the top. Then, let your imagination run wild and create an Egyptian tomb, a spaceship, or even a haunted house.
  6. Use them as storage bins in your closet. Instead of spending money on extra storage bins for your closet, turn an old cardboard box into one. Simply cut out the top and bottom flaps of the box and tape them shut to make it more sturdy. Then you can use it to store shoes, clothes, or other items in your closet that you want to keep organized.
  7. Create a cat house. If you have a cat who loves to hide in small spaces, you can turn an old cardboard box into the perfect kitty hideaway. Simply cut out a few doorways and windows, line the interior with a soft blanket, and you’ve got yourself a new cat house.
  8. Make a recycling bin. If you want to help the environment by recycling more, create your own recycling bin out of a cardboard box. Simply divide the box into several compartments (one for plastic, one for paper, etc.) and label them accordingly. You can then use it to sort your recycling before putting it out on the curb.
  9. Use them as planters. Planters made from cardboard boxes are suitable for small plants or herbs. Simply cut a hole in the box’s bottom, fill it with soil, and plant your seeds or sprouts. Then, use the box as a mini-greenhouse to grow your plants until they’re ready to be transplanted outside.
  10. Turn them into modular storage organizers. If you have a lot of small items in your home that need to be organized, try making your own cardboard storage organizer out of old boxes. Simply cut the boxes to size and tape them together to create different-sized compartments. You can then use them to organize everything from office supplies to children’s toys.
  11. Use them as gift wrap. If you need to wrap a large or irregularly shaped gift, use a cardboard box as wrapping paper. Simply place the gift inside the box, wrap it in ordinary wrapping paper, and tie a bow around it. Then, to make it look even more festive, decorate the outside of the box however you want.
  12. Make a DIY lampshade. If you need a new lamp shade but don’t want to spend the money, try making one out of a cardboard box. Simply cut a circular piece out of the top of the box, followed by a smaller circle in the center of that. Then, wrap it in fabric or wrapping paper and use it to shade your lamp.
  13. Use them as fire starters. If you enjoy camping or having bonfires in your backyard, save some old cardboard boxes to use as fire starters. Simply crumble them into small balls and store them in a dry place. When you’re ready to start a fire, simply place a few of the balls beneath some wood and light them on fire.
  14. Create a picture frame. If you have some old pictures you want to display but don’t have any frames, try making your own out of a cardboard box. Simply cut a hole using paper punch the front of the box, insert your photo, and then decorate the frame as desired. You can even add a mat around the picture to make it look like it’s in a frame.
  15. Make a puppet theater. You can easily create your own puppet theater if you have some old cardboard boxes and some spare fabric. Simply cut a doorway and two windows into one of the boxes and line the inside with fabric. Then you can perform your own puppet show for the children (or for yourself).
  16. Use them as storage containers. If you need some extra storage space in your home, grab a few old cardboard boxes and store things like seasonal clothing, holiday decorations, or even non-perishable food items in them. Just make sure to keep the boxes dry and cool so that whatever you’re storing stays fresh.
  17. Make a table. If you need some extra seating or a place to put your drinks when entertaining guests, try making your own cardboard box table out of an old box. Simply cut four legs from additional cardboard and tape them to the bottom of the box. You can then use it as a coffee table, end table, or even as a makeshift dining table.
  18. Use them as coasters. Try using cardboard coasters to protect your furniture from water stains. Simply cut circles out of an old cardboard box and place them beneath your drinks to protect your tables and counters. You can even decorate the coasters with markers, jewels, or whatever you want.
  19. Make a jungle gym for your pets. If you have any extra cardboard boxes lying around, use them to create an indoor play area for your pets. Simply cut holes or openings in the boxes before stacking them on top of one another to create a fun maze for your animals. You can also line some of the boxes with fabric to provide a comfortable sleeping area for your pets.
  20. Store small items in them. If you need to organize a lot of small items, try storing them in cardboard boxes. Simply place all of the items in the boxes and label them so you always know what’s inside. You can also decorate the outside of the box to make it more decorative, or simply leave it plain for a more simple storage option.
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