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Apple Announces New Healthcare-Friendly Watch, Obtains FDA Approval

Apple introduced the Apple Watch Series 4 on Wednesday, claiming that the device is better equipped to provide healthcare services than previous editions.

The new product line was unveiled on Wednesday by Chief Operating Officer Jeff Williams, at Apple’s headquarters in Cupertino, CA.

“Everything about it has been redesigned and re-engineered,” says Mr. Williams, showcasing the product’s larger display, thinner body, and robust healthcare technology features.

The Apple Watch — the latest in healthcare technology

Williams describes the Apple Watch as an “intelligent guardian of your health,” and points out how that the new watch’s electrocardiogram (ECG) application has received approval from the Food and Drug Administration.

The app enables users to take ECG readings through their wrists, and produces a report classifying the rhythm as normal or outlining suspicions of Atrial Fibrillation, a heart condition that could lead to complications further down the road. The wearable device stores all information in a PDF, which can then be sent to physicians.

The Apple Watch Series 4 also has powerful sensors that can detect if the user has taken a fall, Williams said. By analyzing the trajectory and speed of motion, the device sends the user an alert after a fall, giving them the option to either dismiss or alert emergency services.

Other Features

Apple hasn’t only improved the line’s healthcare technology capabilities, however.

The newer model also includes a faster, dual-core processor called the S4 chip, according to reports. Apple claims that this chip enables the device to be twice as fast, yet have the same battery life of the previous Apple Watch, launched in 2015.

Additionally, the new watch will boast a 30% larger display, 50% louder speakers, and a differently positioned mic more conducive to phone calls and interactions with Siri.

The Bottom Line

The Apple Watch Series 4, according to most reports, represents a significant upgrade from its predecessor.

The product also represents the latest move in Apple’s venture into healthcare and healthcare technology, with it already having been reported that the company was putting together a team to manufacture its own health chips earlier this year.

The Apple Watch Series 4 will start at $399.

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