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Regenerative Medicine: Bimini Health Tech Buys Healeon Medical

Bimini Health Tech, a leader in regenerative medicine, recently acquired Healeon Medical, Inc. Bimini specializes in products for the field of medical aesthetics, as well as regenerative medicine. This includes products to facilitate regenerative fat transfer and products and therapies to reverse hair loss.

The combined entity is sure to be a global leader in the field of regenerative medicine and aesthetic therapies.

Healeon is a well thought out addition to Bimini Health’s portfolio of autologous products (autologous means cells or tissues obtained from the same individual.) The acquisition allows the companies to advance the goal of discovering, developing, and acquiring therapies and emerging technologies, empowering the beauty and regeneration of the human body.

Healeon, at the Forefront of Medical Device Development

Healeon develops, manufactures, and markets cutting-edge medical devices. These devices extract, process, concentrate, and size different living human cellular composites and tissues. These are ultimately used for both therapeutic and aesthetic applications. Healeon’s focus is to preserve cellular activity, thus assisting in the restoration or improvement of function at a tissue-specific level.

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Healeon’s cutting-edge products include:

  • The HD PRP system, which optimizes the capture of platelet concentrates at the point-of-care.
  • Healeon LTM System, a sterile, closed-loop system for micro-fragmenting fat tissue. This includes the Evulse Adipose Micronizer which precision fragments while maintaining the viability of the tissue and cell structure.
  • The SURE-Loc disposable cannula, which consistently both removes and injects adipose tissue.
  • Healeon’s future products include a line focused on simplifying and enhancing PRP and adipose-based processing.
  • The CENTRIcyte™1000 all-in-one device, simplifying the isolation of cells from every tissue source. The device consistently produces 50 to 60% higher yields compared to our competitors.
  • The ELMI Centrifuge to process consistent and purified grafts in minutes.
Healeon’s cutting-edge products and accessories help to harvest a variety of autologous cell composites, including:
  • Stromal vascular fraction
  • ​HD platelet-rich plasma
  • Bone marrow aspirate concentrate
  • ​Adipose tissue concentrate

Bimini, Global Leader in Regenerative Medicine

“The acquisition of Healeon brings enormous value to Bimini’s current product lines. At the top of the list are Healeon’s commercially available PRP products as well as their adipose product pipeline. This allows Bimini to offer an across-the-board selection of autologous therapies to physicians worldwide,” commented Brad Conlan, CEO of Bimini Health Tech.

Conlan went on to state, “Healeon’s technology is further enhanced by a team with many years of marketing experience and medical device sales. Combining our two companies further establishes Bimini’s position as a world leader in the market of regenerative medicine.”

About Healeon Medical, Inc.

Healeon Medical, Inc. is based in Newbury Park, California. The company is devoted to innovating regenerative solutions with cutting-edge medical devices, but also clinical expertise and support for their autologous, point-of-care treatment options. Healeon has quickly emerged as a leader in regenerative therapy using a vertically integrated platform.

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Healeon leads with new technologies for human tissue acquisition and isolation. The goal is to simplify the point-of-care process for any physician seeking to provide regenerative medicine therapy. Healeon’s technologies and methods offer safe and easy solutions, isolating unparalleled protein, and cell concentrates designed to meet the individual patients’ needs.

About Bimini Health Tech

Since 2013, Bimini Health Tech has developed and marketed regenerative products that are simple, elegant, and proven in both its therapeutic and aesthetic benefits. The company is based in sunny Solana Beach, California.

The company develops unique products providing superior aesthetic care choices to both consumers and physicians. The Bimini portfolio includes the brands Puregraft® a fat grafting system, Kerastem® to regenerate hair loss, Dermapose® a regenerative fat system, and of course, Healeon®. Bimini Health Tech is proud to be a world leader in the regenerative therapy and product market.


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