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Healthtech Startup Biomoneta Receives Funding From CBIH

CBIH (a partnership between the Indian and Japanese innovation hubs), the Centre for Cellular and Molecular Platforms (an Indian innovation hub, also known as C-CAMP), and Beyond Next Ventures (A Japanese innovation hub) has announced they will invest in Biomoneta.

Biomoneta is a C-CAMP incubated, Bengaluru-based startup in industrial biotechnology. It is the first Indian biotech startup to join this investment portfolio. This round of funding was led by CBIH in partnership with ArthaVida Ventures. Dr. Aniruddha Malpani, an IVF specialist and angel investor, also contributed. Biomoneta will use the money to manufacture and market its decontamination devices, as well as further develop its technology and products.

As Dr. Malpani points out, “Hospital-acquired infections cause millions of unnecessary deaths. Biomoneta has an innovative solution to solve a problem that jeopardizes the lives of vulnerable patients worldwide.”

ArthaVida Ventures sees a wide application for Biomoneta’s product and will assist the company by leveraging its investor panel’s access to global markets.

“ArthaVida is pleased to invest in Biomoneta and its disruptive innovation to curtail infection. We also think that the cleanroom industry will see a direct benefit from this cost-effective product,” said Ankit of ArthaVida Ventures.

About Biomoneta and Zebox

Biomoneta is a C-CAMP portfolio startup under the BIRAC BIG scheme (BIRAC, Biotechnology Industry Research Assistance Council. BIG, Biotechnology Ignition Grant).

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Biomoneta has developed a high-tech air decontamination system called Zebox; the continuous-use, the no-touch system can trap and eliminate a billion microbes, including bacteria, viruses, and fungi, including spores, in 10 minutes or less. Active biological components and a smart airflow design combine to render any room or space nearly sterile in just a few minutes.

The continued COVID-19 pandemic positions Zebox as a potent preventive solution in high-risk areas such as hospitals. Other enclosed spaces like homes and offices can also use Zebox to stop the airborne transmission of the coronavirus, as well as other viruses and infectious bacteria. The high level of performance Zebox offers also means that it can be used to decontaminate laboratories and help in maintaining a clean industrial environment. Deploying Zebox can easily help prevent “sick building syndrome.” That makes it a vital component in any hospital, office building, restaurant, or hotel.

“The COVID-19 pandemic has shown that prevention is vital, especially when no cure or vaccine exists,” noted Dr. Janani Venkatraman, Chief Executive of Biomoneta.

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Both India and Japan Recognize the Potential for Zebox

C-CAMP, or the Centre for Cellular and Molecular Platforms has recently collaborated with Japan’s Beyond Next Ventures, to fund Biomoneta. Beyond Next Ventures is one of Japan’s leading independent accelerators, devoted to incubation investment in technology start-ups.

The partnership between the Indian and Japanese innovation hubs, CBIH, enables Japanese investment of up to $5 million in Indian technology start-ups through a jointly managed fund. The focus is on ground-breaking technologies in biotech and the life sciences, and Biomoneta is the first Indian start-up to be funded.

Tsuyoshi Ito, Managing Partner and CEO of Beyond Next Ventures, and Mayu Morishima, the organization’s Executive Officer, said, “We are very excited with the robust science and evidence Biomoneta has collected. There is an enormous opportunity for growth, especially following COVID-19, and we are sure Biomoneta will establish the standard for infection control, not only in India but also around the world.”

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“We are also pleased to say that our robust collaboration with C-CAMP for the CBIH, a jointly funded entity contributing to both the Japanese and Indian economies and ecosystems, also strengthens the ties between our two countries, made this fabulous investment a reality.”

C-CAMP CEO and Director, Dr. Taslimarif Saiyed, said “C-CAMP is pleased to award our first CBIH funding, in collaboration with Beyond Next Ventures to BioMoneta. It’s a fantastic start-up developing high-tech methods to reduce microbial load and thus, reduce infections. We look forward to the continued support of BioMoneta to scale-up and deploy their products. Their technology has a huge potential to significantly impact India and beyond.”