Home[Podcast]: Shaping the future: How Blythedale Children’s Hospital uses technology to help children live independent lives

[Podcast]: Shaping the future: How Blythedale Children’s Hospital uses technology to help children live independent lives

Assistive technologies represent one of the most underrated topics in the healthcare industry today.  Hearing aids, prosthetics & speech devices help over 56.7 million Americans with disabilities live healthy and fulfilling lives.

But assistive technologies are not a hot topic.

Only those in urgent need of care – and the medical providers catering to this population ever come across assistive technologies.

In the latest episode of the Healthcare Weekly podcast, Codrin Arsene interviews Larry Levine, President & CEO at Blythedale Children’s Hospital and Julie Knitter, the Director of Occupational Therapy, Assistive Technology program at this prestigious hospital.

Blythedale is a leader in adopting cutting edge assistive technologies to provide short term care to children that require rehabilitative assistance.

They are one of only a dozen hospitals around the US with the expertise, technology and staff to help children with special needs engage in social interactions, communicate with their friends and ultimately increase their independence.

Listen to this provocative episode to learn about:

– The latest assistive technologies positively impacting the quality of life of children all over the US.

– The role of assistive technologies in healthcare.

– Impediments to adopting assistive technologies at scale (including outdated legislative frameworks & insurance policies).

– How Blythedale has successfully implemented a one of a kind integrated assisted technology program.


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