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Himalayan Salt Lamps: Health Benefits and Buyer’s Guide

Over the past couple of years, Himalayan salt lamps have become especially popular, finding their way into home décor magazines, spas, and beauty parlors.

Carved out of pink rock salts mined from areas surrounding the Himalayas, these lamps radiate a beautiful warm pink-reddish glow when lit.

This radiant light brings more elegance, character, and ambiance into any room, which is why Himalayan salt lamps are often used as decorative pieces. So, if you are looking for something to spruce up the interior appeal of your home, look further than a salt lamp.

These decorative lamps are said to help get rid of allergens, purify the air in your living room, uplift your mood, improve sleep, and help you breathe better if you’re asthmatic.

So, you can see that Himalayan salt lamps may carry a wide range of health benefits.

Even better, they are widely available and come in all shapes and sizes ⁠— from big-box retailers and online marketplaces to your corner shop, meaning there’s something for everyone.

In this tell-all guide, we’ll cover pretty much everything you want to know about Himalayan salt lamps, including their health benefits and how to choose the best lamp.

We start with our top 10 picks of the best Himalayan salt lamps you can buy right now.

10 Best Himalayan Salt Lamps in 2024


#1. Himalayan Glow 1348 Bamboo Basket Nightlight

Himalayan Glow

If you thought all salt lamps are made of complete crystals cuts, think again. Instead of being crafted from a single rock, Himalayan Glow encases chunks of crystals in a superbly crafted basket made from bamboo.

The most standout feature is, of course, the bamboo basket design. It’s also lightweight (5-7 lbs.), with dimmable lighting. Perhaps the only downside is that the crystal chunks may be too small for some people.

Buy Himalayan Glow 1348 Bamboo Basket Nightlight on Amazon here.


#2. Levoit Aurora Himalayan Salt Lamp

Aurora Himalayan Salt Lamp

If you don’t know what a great Himalayan salt lamp looks like, then you haven’t seen Levoit Aurora. It’s a natural-cut salt lamp with a stainless-steel base, weighing up to a whopping 15 pounds.

The key features include dimmable lighting, which means you can change the intensity of the light with the touch of a button. It also comes with two 15W replacement bulbs, a drainage control system, and a 2-year warranty.

Buy Levoit Aurora Himalayan Salt Lamp on Amazon here.


#3. Levoit Kana Himalayan Salt Lamp

Himalayan Salt Lamp

Levoit has certainly cut a niche for itself in the Himalayan salt lamps space, which is why its products are top-notch quality and equally popular with customers. Unlike its cousin Aurora, Kana comes with a genuine rubber wooden base, which offers a more natural look.

It also comes with a drainage control system, dimmable lighting, 2 extra bulbs, and a year warranty, all wrapped in a specially designed gift box.

Buy Levoit Kana Himalayan Salt Lamp on Amazon here.


#4. CRYSTAL DECOR Basket Himalayan Salt Lamp

Basket Himalayan Salt Lamp

If the shape of Himalayan Glow 1348 doesn’t tickle your fancy, this basket lamp from Crystal Decor will probably do. It’s compact (only 25 sq. inches), which means it can sit snugly on any coffee table, nightstand, desk or even the above the fireplace.

Your loved one who likes salt lamps will flip over this as a gift. You’ll love the contemporary slim yet sleek design, dimmable lighting, and the low price.

Buy CRYSTAL DECOR Basket Himalayan Salt Lamp on Amazon here.


#5. Amethya Natural Himalayan Salt Lamp

Natural Himalayan Salt Lamp

All-natural and somewhat basic, this set of two Himalayan salt lamps from Amethya will instantly transform your living space. They may not be the fanciest of the bunch, but they make up for this in the natural, unpretentious look and feel.

They both come with a round, wooden base, and there is a 6-7-pound version that is sold on its own. It can sit well on any flat surface, which makes it perfect for yoga, meditation or bedroom.

Buy Amethya Natural Himalayan Salt Lamp on Amazon here.


#6. Crystal Allies Natural Globe Salt Lamp

Natural Globe Salt Lamp

If you think the name Crystal Allies sounds familiar, then you are right. It’s a well-known brand that offers a wide range of minerals and germs, but they have recently made a foray into the salt lamp niche.

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As the name suggests, this is a spherical salt lamp that will make a good addition to your bedroom, library, or the backyard porch. Honestly, it’ll look fabulous anywhere you place in your home. Plus, it’s certified.

Buy Crystal Allies Natural Globe Salt Lamp on Amazon here.


#7. HemingWeigh Natural Himalayan Rock Salt Lamp

Natural Himalayan Rock Salt Lamp

This natural Himalayan salt lamp is handmade and hand-carved from the finest rock. It features dimmable lighting, a treated wooden base to prevent water damage, plus a long electric cord and 25-W bulb. It’s perfect for yoga, meditation, and mindful exercises.

This lamp conforms with all standard certifications, including RoHS, CE, and UL/CE. It may be a little pricey, but it’s heavy, weighing between 19 and 25 lbs.

Buy HemingWeigh Natural Himalayan Rock Salt Lamp on Amazon here.


#8. Windsor Seasons Large Crystal Himalayan Salt Lamp

Large Crystal Himalayan Salt Lamp

Windsor Seasons’ salt lamp is a mammoth of a lamp, weighing 7 lbs. and rising a whopping 9 inches. It boasts auto-dimmable lighting that dims to the precise intensity of light for the type of space.

The simple, natural design with a Neem wooden base means the salt lamp will go perfectly with any interior decor style and design. The only noticeable downside is that the bulb is rated 15 watts, which may not be powerful enough for the imposing size.

Buy this Windsor Seasons 9-Inch Crystal Himalayan Salt Lamp on Amazon here.


#9. Light You Himalayan Salt Lamp

Light You Himalayan Salt Lamp

Light You is a brand that has everything going for it in the salt lamp industry. This 6-to-8-inch Himalayan salt lamp is unpretentiously beautiful and well-crafted by hand. It’s all-natural, handmade, and comes with a nicely designed wooden base.

The package includes a 6 feet cord, 15 W light bulb, and a dimmable switch. It’s a compact gift that will please any wellness enthusiast.

Buy this Light You Himalayan Salt Lamp on Amazon here.


#10. INVITING HOMES Himalayan Natural Salt Lamp

Himalayan Natural Salt Lamp

Nothing is super fancy about Inviting Homes Himalayan salt lamp. However, it incorporates all the essential features of a salt lamp: a natural handcrafted look, a wooden base, and a long power cord. What more could you ask for?

It’s available in three colorful sizes: large (22-26lbs), medium size (10-13lbs), and small (6-7lbs). With a height of 10-12 inches, this lamp has a fairly broad ionization area, which makes it a perfect buy for a large bedroom or living room.

Buy this INVITING HOMES Himalayan Natural Salt Lamp on Amazon here.

What Exactly Are Himalayan Salt Lamps?

himalayan salt

Himalayan salt lamps are what the name hints: decorative lamps that are fashioned out of large crystals of Himalayan rock salt. The manufacturer usually digs a hole at the center of the salt crystal and inserts a light bulb, candle, or heat source inside.

Generally, this salt comes from regions in and around the Himalayas, a mountain range that spans approximately 1,500 miles across Nepal, Bhutan, India, and Pakistan.

However, genuine lamps are made from rock salt that comes specifically from one mine in Pakistan: Khewra Salt Mine. The crystal chunks from this accredited mine run a distinct reddish-pink color gamut. You may also find off-white salt from Khewra.

Although they resemble table salt in almost every way, rock salt from the Himalayas region is thought to have lain there for millions of years. They are also jam-packed with a wide variety of minerals, which is perhaps the reason they are so colorful.

Unfortunately, the market is also flooded with fake Himalayan salt lamps. Whereas the authentic lamps are often fragile, the fake ones seldom break.

Interestingly, the Himalayan rock salt doesn’t produce light on its own. When you light the bulb inside the lamp, it produces a warm glow that can illuminate the entire room in a pinkish or amber glow.

It’s no big secret that salt lamps are incredibly beautiful and can act as a decorative item for any room.

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In fact, the chances are most Americans choose to purchase Himalayan salt lamps simply because of their great looks and the ambiance they create in any living space.

However, they may offer health benefits, as well (more on this ahead).

How Do Himalayan Salt Lamps Work?

Himalayan Salt Lamp

Those who believe that Himalayan salt lamps provide several different health benefits point to two possible mechanisms: hygroscopy (dehydration) and air ionization.

The first potential mechanism is that rock salt has a strong affinity for moisture in the air. What that means is that the salt lamp attracts water vapor in the living environment, and the toxins, allergens, dust, and a plethora of other pollutants embedded in the air.

This process is also known as hygroscopy.

In other words, Himalayan salt lamps may help pull in harmful particles and pollutants from the surrounding environment, possibly acting as a natural air cleaner and purifier for your living space.

The magic of the salt lamp does not end there. Once the particle-rich moisture reaches the surface of the lamp, the heat causes it to evaporate, leaving toxins, dust, and allergens on the rock.

The clean water vapor goes back into the air, and the cleaning cycle starts again. As you can see, your salt lamp can work tirelessly 24/7 getting rid of bad particles from your room, so you can breathe easier, all while enjoying the fabulous glow given off by the rock.

Air ionization is another mechanism that Himalayan pink salt lamps are also thought to offer, with its potential health and therapeutic benefits.

More specifically, the salt lamps are believed by some to act as a natural air ionizer, which suggests that they release negative ions into the surrounding air.

Ions are electrically charged molecules or compounds. Negative ions have extra electrons, while positive ions lack some electrons.

Even though you can’t see or feel them, ions are everywhere, including the air surrounding us.

They are generated naturally in the atmosphere when changes of electrical nature occur in the air. The main sources of air ions include home lighting, sunlight, radiation, and anything that involves a collision of moisture, vapor or water droplets.

In a 2015 study, for instance, Austrian investigators discovered that air ions are produced by heat, natural radioactivity, storms, waves, waterfalls, and other natural phenomena. Have you ever wondered why the air seems to be fresher and invigorating after heavy rain or a storm? It’s because the storm releases more negative ions into the moisture-soaked air.

This phenomenon may also help explain why standing by a waterfall or crashing waves can be amazingly refreshing and calming.

The science behind this is solid, so much so that commercially available air purification systems and ionizers use air ionization technology.

It’s the same negative ions that are thought to deliver positive health benefits associated with Himalayan salt lamps.

It’s worth mentioning, that none of these claims for Himalayan salt lamps have been verified through research or clinical studies. But Himalayan salt lamps have become a huge hit, and more and more users are reporting positive results.

What Are the Benefits of a Himalayan Salt Lamp?


Himalayan Salt Lamps and Air Purification

Himalayan Salt

The air we breathe is chock-full of particles, toxins, chemical vapor, germs, smoke, pollutants, and other air contaminants. Over time, this could not only hurt your respiratory system but also adversely affect your overall health and well-being.

According to the World Health Organization, air contamination/pollution is responsible for about one-third of all deaths from cardiovascular disease, lung cancer, and stroke combined.

Thankfully, this is where Himalayan salt lamps might be able to come to your rescue.

As mentioned, these lamps may help clean, deodorize, and purify the air via a special process called hygroscopy. Because of the chemical composition of the rock, the lamp seemingly pulls in and absorbs water vapor that’s combined with air pollutants.

At the end of this process, the rock salt may siphon contaminants from the air, creating a more comfortable and cleaner living space, whether that’s your bathroom, living room, bedroom, or even home office.

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A salt lamp may also help deodorize your living spaces through air ionization. Recent studies show that both positive and negative ions might destroy toxins and kill germs, although how they do that is still a puzzle.

Helps Reduce Symptoms of Asthma, Allergies and other Respiratory Symptoms

Respiratory Symptoms

Another possible benefit of Himalayan salt lamps is that they may help ease allergies, asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), and other respiratory symptoms.

Thanks to its hygroscopic properties, salt rock may help rid the indoor air of small proportions of animal dander, mildew, mold, dust, and other respiratory irritants or allergens.

Accordingly, a salt lamp may be helpful for people with asthma. In fact, some companies are now selling Himalayan salt inhalers.

The claim that salt can help ease breathing for people with asthma comes from halotherapy, a practice that has been around for many years.

In the past, people with asthma, bronchitis, and other chronic respiratory complications would sometimes visit salt caves and spend a few hours breathing salt-laden air.

Even though little research has been carried out on halotherapy, there’s a growing number of people who stand by its benefits.

They Can Boost Healthy Blood Flow

Healthy Blood Flow

Hypotension or low blood pressure is a serious health issue that affects a growing number of people. It may cause dizziness, weakness, fainting, fatigue, nausea, and blurred vision.

Low blood pressure can also exacerbate depression and neurodegenerative disorders like dementia, Alzheimer’s, and Parkinson’s disease.

Some studies suggest that negative ions may help improve blood flow, making sure your brain gets plenty of nourishment. By extension, Himalayan salt lamps may play a role in improving some cardiovascular issues.

They Promote Relaxation and Reduce Stress

Reduce Stress

Some experts say that excessive positive ions in an indoor space can aggravate irritability, anxiety, stress, and other negative feelings.

Negative ions may help counter these positive ions, helping to improve your general sense of well-being.

As explained above, negative ions may boost the levels of happy-feel neurotransmitters like serotonin, especially for those who suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder. This hormone lowers stress, creates a sense of calmness, and promote relaxation.

Salt lamps have also been used as an effective tool for chromotherapy. This is also called color therapy, an alternative technique that helps therapists diagnose and treat a variety of mental disorders and problems.

Himalayan salt lamps give off a warm yet soft ambient glow of red, yellow, pink or orange. This serene, calming light may help with overall relaxation, ADHD, stress, and anxiety.

They Enhance Attention and Improve Performance

It’s now clear that Himalayan salt lamps may have some health benefits. Besides, they may help with some forms of depression–which can act on your memory, attention, and mental alertness.

Negative ions generated by salt lamps also may increase oxygen and nutrient supply to the brain, helping improve both performance and attention. Plus, the boost from serotonin can alleviate unpleasant feelings and help you become more productive.

They Boost Energy Levels

They Boost Energy Levels

Too many positive ions in the air can take energy from your body, leaving you depleted and feeling weak and fatigued. That’s where Himalayan salt lamps come in handy.

They give off negative ions, which in large quantity not only neutralize excess positive ions but also help increase energy levels in your body. That’s why you feel rejuvenated and energized when you spend time close to waves, waterfalls, or after a storm.

They Can Help You Sleep Better

They Boost Energy Levels

Exposing yourself to excess positive ions can make it hard for you to fall or stay asleep. In some people, this can cause irregular sleep patterns or sleep disorders like insomnia.

Negative ions, including those from Himalayan salt lamps, may counteract this effect, helping you fall asleep faster and sleep for longer with no disruption.

Also, serotonin whose levels are increased by the presence of large amounts of negative ions has been known to play a role in sleep. Overall, salt lamps may help you have an improved sleep pattern and wake up full of energy and vigor.

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In addition, the serene and soothing glow from the lamp may also help people who are struggling with insomnia and other sleep issues.

They Neutralize Effects of Electromagnetic Radiation (EM)

We live in an electronic world. Unfortunately, nearly all electronics that are connected to the outlet or the grid emit electromagnetic radiation.

Although EMs are not very dangerous, they contain or produce lots of positive ions, which may cause foul mood, anxiety, stress, fatigue, insomnia, bad circulation, you name them!

Himalayan salt lamps, on the other, produce negative ions that in very large quantities may reverse the effects of electromagnetism. In fact, negative ions themselves may help neutralize EM. When all’s said and done, Himalayan salt lamps may help produce a refreshing effect on your mind and body.

Buyer’s Guide: How to Choose the Best Himalayan Salt Lamp

how to choose

If you are shopping for Himalayan salt lamps, you will soon realize that they are a dime a dozen, both online and in brick-and-mortar stores. And they come in a variety of shapes, colors, styles, sizes, and price tags.

What you may not realize, however, is that some of those shiny and colorful lamps sold online are only phony knockoffs. The last thing you want is to shell out top dollar for a salt lamp that won’t provide you with any health benefit.

If you are buying for use in your living room or bedroom, the chances are that you want a lamp that will marry well with the interior decor and style of your home.

That’s why we have put together important things and factors you need to keep in mind when choosing the right Himalayan salt lamp for you.

Color of the Lamp

colour of the lamp

Authentic Himalayan salt lamps are available in a range of four colors: red, orange, pink, and off-white. The color depends on the vein from which the salt was extracted. Pick the right color to match your home’s design and decor style.

Red Himalayan Salt Lamps: Red is a bold, vogue, and superbly stylish color, but it can block out much of the light. If you are a fan of bold and darker rooms, a red salt lamp is your best bet.

With a little touch and nuance, red lamps can be great for darker spaces with colors like black, deep purple and other complementary hues. As you might expect, there are many shades of red, and it all comes down to your personal taste and style.

In our humble opinion, a salt lamp in crimson red or intense red will instantly add elegance and oomph to your living space. The bottom line is that red Himalayan salt lamps are stylish but may not be for everyone, especially if you don’t prefer a dark room.

Pink Himalayan Salt Lamps: Early users and enthusiasts say pink salt lamps boast the most health benefits. They also give off the most beautiful glow, and the good thing is that pink salt lamps are almost ubiquitous online.

If you have a feminine room full of blush accents and white decorations, furniture, and art objects, a pink salt lamp will fit right in. It’s also an ideal accessory for people who don’t like too much-clashing color yet don’t want a plain, boring room

Orange Himalayan Salt Lamps: Orange lamps produce a warm light that is not only soothing but also pleasantly rich and vibrant. The glow and sheen should be just right, otherwise, if it’s too bright, the odds are high that you fell for a forgery.

Because it tends to shine brighter than others, an orange salt lamp will go well in a room with creamy white decor. It can also match perfectly with other hot or warm colors.

White Himalayan Salt Lamps: These are very popular, and yet not widely available. That’s why you should keep an eye out because most white salt lamps on the market are either knockoffs or forgeries.

The trick is to find one in off-white because it is perhaps the only shade of rocks mined at Khewra Salt Mine in Pakistan. Keep in mind that white lamps will also cost you a pretty penny because they are very rare.

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When it comes to features, white Himalayan salt lamps shine the brightest and may not create that characteristic cool ambiance associated with darker versions. If you have a generous budget, it might be best to match it with a red or pink lamp for either side of your room.

The Shape of the Lamp

Bulb Type

You can find Himalayan salt lamps styled in two ways: crafted or natural.

Crafted: Himalayan rock salt is soft, which means it can be crafted into any shape imaginable. You can find them in the shape of a rose, pyramid, famous buildings, squares, eggs, hearts (Valentine’s Day much?), birds, boxes, a bowl of fire, or even angels.

If you are looking for a perfect gift for a friend or loved one, a crafted salt lamp will earn you praises. Of course, if you are after a plain lamp, why not get it in the shape of (drumroll, please) … a lamp!

The bottom line is that if you don’t want just a chunk of rock on your nightstand, then pick a lamp with a shape that best matches your style and tastes. Of course, be ready to cough up a few more bucks for a crafted lamp than a natural one.

Natural: Natural lamps look and feel authentic, with that rustic appeal. It’s for this reason that most shoppers prefer their lamps all edgy, unadulterated, and unpolished. If this sounds like you, then you are in for a special treat.

Remember that large rocks deliver the most air purification and other health benefits. However, you want to think about the space in your room, which takes us to the next point.

Size of the Lamp

When talking about what size is perfect for your room, you will probably hear terms like the ionizing area being thrown around. It is a fancy term for the capacity of a salt lamp to effectively purify the air in given square footage.

It’s a no-brainer that a smaller salt lamp has a narrower ionizing area, and therefore is more suitable for a smaller room.

A bigger lamp, by comparison, may be better able to contribute to purifying air in a larger room.

Naturally, the size of your target room will play the biggest role in determining how big the lamp should be.

Size is also correlated to the weight of the lamp. The heavier the salt lamp, the larger and broader its ionizing area. As a rule of thumb, a lamp weighing 5 to 7 pounds will do well in a small bedroom 100 sq. ft).

For a master suite or a large bedroom (144 sq. ft), choose a lamp that weighs between 9 and 11 pounds.

For a standard living room (196 sq. ft.), pick a salt lamp weighing between 12 and 15 pounds.

These are just suggestions. More often than not, it is best to buy a bigger (or heavier) lamp for your room.

Bulb Type, Wattage, and Voltage

Himalayan salt lamps usually use incandescent light bulbs which are designed to generate heat. 15W bulbs are commonplace, but you can get lamps with 25W and 40W light bulbs meant for bigger rocks.

This makes your choice pretty straightforward. If you want a larger salt lamp, go for a higher wattage bulb. The same goes for voltage.

A more powerful lightbulb rated higher on voltage will emit a brighter light. On the contrary, if you don’t want an intense glow or heat, a low-voltage, low-wattage salt lamp will get the job done.

Keep in mind that when the bulb blows out or gets broken, you need to replace it with another one rated similarly in terms of wattage and voltage.

Base type

The type of base is also crucial when choosing a Himalayan salt lamp. Most lamps come with a circular wooden base. You can also find ones that are made entirely from the rock salt.

While a wooden base offers a more pleasing look that may be more suitable for your room, don’t forget that all-salt lamps tend to last longer.