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How to Prevent Hearing Loss

Taking care of yourself and your body includes your hearing health. Hearing loss is more common than people perceive it to be, with 5% of the world experiencing impaired hearing. Hearing loss is caused due to various reasons such as aging, genetics, and being subjected to loud noises. It is essential that you prioritize your hearing health and take the necessary precautions to prevent losing your hearing. Let’s break down a few suggestions that can help increase the lifespan of your hearing:

1.   Avoiding Loud Noises

If you regularly find yourself in environments or situations with loud noises, it might be time to take a step. Whether it’s snowboarding, motorcycling, or going to multiple concerts in a year, these leisure activities can induce hearing loss. Before engaging in such commitments, you should consider checking out the safe noise levels and find ways to reduce the noise exposure. For example, concert-goers can enjoy their favorite artist’s performances from a position that is not close to the speakers.

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2.   Incorporate the 60/60 Rule

As a music enthusiast, you might indulge in listening to loud songs on headphones for extended periods of time. Many audiologists recommend that you should listen to songs for no more than 60 minutes every day at the 60% volume level of your device.

In addition to this, many people use their headphones while watching shows or listening to voice messages. Suggestions show that you should use speech-to-text tool software, even if you are not experiencing hearing loss to avoid unnecessary sound exposure.

3.   Use Noise Cancellation Earbuds or Headphones

Not everyone is fortunate enough to extricate themselves from high noise levels. Some professions, including construction work and touring for music, are known to create a commotion, and loud sounds are a part of their daily lifestyle. Still, investing in noise-canceling headphones can block out unwanted acoustic sounds and help protect your ears. Proper ear protection is important if you are hoping to avoid hearing loss.

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4.   Regular Professional Checkups

Regular checkups at clinics or with your trusted ENT doctor are a good way to get started if you fear your hearing ability might be diminishing or if you are frequently exposed to loud sounds. Since there can be many underlying causes for hearing loss, a professional can best determine the type of hearing loss you’re more prone to or which treatment course would best suit you.

Healthcare organizations like Helix Hearing Care provide facilities such as online hearing tests, hearing aid payment plans, or earwax removal to aid the process and get you the advice or care you need before it’s too late.


Hearing health is not something people pay a lot of attention to, but statistics show that by 2050, one in 10 people might have hearing issues if safety measures are not taken. In most scenarios, hearing loss is a treatable problem, and companies like Google continue to develop software to improve the lifestyles of the hearing impaired. It’s worth it to start by protecting your hearing now and encourage your loved ones to do the same.

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