Home[Podcast] Healthcare Analytics: Finally a Tangible Example We Can All Relate To (Rimidi)

[Podcast] Healthcare Analytics: Finally a Tangible Example We Can All Relate To (Rimidi)

Rimidi is a digital health company that provides software and clinical analytics for chronic disease management.

The CEO of Rimidi, Josh Claman, joined the Healthcare Weekly podcast to educate us about the platform. Healthcare is currently a reactive system that is episodic and in-clinic. To manage chronic diseases effectively, Josh insists that we need to move towards an approach that virtualizes healthcare and delivers it to where the patient is. He explains how Rimidi can accomplish this.

Rimidi does not want to further fragment healthcare.  Josh tells us how higher-risk patients with multiple issues can be treated holistically.

Listen to the podcast to learn about:

  • Rimidi’s mission to reshape healthcare
  • Success that Josh has seen when Rimidi is used
  • Addressing patient compliance and adherence to medical protocol
  • Creating a partnership with Lilly Servicing the cardiovascular disease market with Rimidi
  • The lack of integration between certain technological solutions
  • Other areas that Josh thinks can be improved in healthcare
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