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Onnit’s Nootropic “Alpha Brain”: 5 Things You Did Not Know About This Supplement

You’ve probably heard about health supplements that help improve memory, attention, and focus. They’re known as nootropics or cognitive enhancers for short- and long-term brain functions. They make you productive and resilient so that you can take on the challenges of the fast-paced world we live in. 

One of the well-known nootropics that’s creating waves in the health world is Onnit’s Alpha Brain which supports the over-all functions of the brain. Backed by clinical studies, it helps enhance verbal memory and increase mental processing speed. It’s also certified by several institutions, such as the United States Olympic Committee, the U.S. Military, and the Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) for its all-natural, drug-free blend of herbal extracts.

Onnit’s Alpha Brain works to stimulate alpha waves in the brain, helping you feel relaxed and alert. It promotes increased focused, allowing you to ignore distractions so that you can finish the task at hand. What’s more, this nootropic also builds a healthy brain environment so that brain cells can effectively communicate with one another. 

While Alpha Brain’s benefits are mostly for enhanced mental function, there are a few more that we can get from taking this supplement. Taking it in capsule or powder form not only gives you optimal brain performance, as it can also lead to general well-being. 

5 Surprising Benefits 

Aside from this in-depth review of Alpha Brain, we’ve come up with additional benefits you can derive from taking this nutritional supplement by trying it out first-hand. Not only does it help keep you sharp and alert, it also goes well with your diet plan and helps you feel good and more creative.   

  • It’s 100% Natural And Works Well With Vegan or Keto Diet

Onnit’s Alpha Brain is made from a combination of amino acids and herbal extracts. It doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals, gluten, or caffeine. It helps improve your attention and focus without giving you the jittery edge from coffee.

Aside from its all-natural components, it’s encased in capsules that are vegan-friendly. It contains Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose, water, and rice hull concentrate. Whether you’re vegan or doing the keto diet, you can easily integrate it into your fitness regimen without anything to worry to about, as it’s backed by clinical studies and published papers regarding its safety and efficacy as a brain booster. 

  • Comes In Capsule And Powder Form 

One thing that’s great with Onnit’s Alpha Brain is that you can consume it two ways: as capsule or as a powdered drink. The capsule is easy to swallow, which you can take after a light meal. When you take it in capsule form, it’s easily digested and broken down in the stomach to release its enhancing effects. 

If you’re not the pill-swallowing type, you can, you can enjoy it in powder form, known as Alpha Brain Instant. The drink comes in a variety of fruity flavors: ruby grapefruit, lemon, coconut lime, pineapple, natural peach, and blackberry lemonade. You can take it with your favorite meal or as a gym or sports drink.

What’s good about Onnit’s Alpha Brain in capsule and in powder form is that you get the same amount of formulation. You can enjoy one of the two options and still get the same brain-boosting benefits.

  • Helps Boost The Immune System 

People take health supplements to compensate for the lack of nutrients in the body. Onnit’s Alpha Brain has some of the vitamins and minerals needed by the body to function well. 

It contains oats straw that is rich in micronutrients such as iron, zinc, and manganese, which is required for stronger immunity. Aside from this, it also has cat’s claw as an added ingredient which helps promote cell integrity and help strengthen the body’s defense against infections. 

  • Reduces Stress and Uplifts Your Mood

Apart from keeping you focused and alert, this health supplement also helps reduce stress and anxiety. It helps enhance the flow of alpha waves in the brain which reduces stress levels and makes you feel calmer. 

 An ingredient in Alpha Brain, L-theanine, helps in the release of feel-good hormones dopamine and serotonin. This amino acid also reduces resting heart rate to make you even feel more relaxed. Bacopa Monnierti, or Brahmi is also a key ingredient in Alpha Brain that alleviates stress and reduces anxiety. 

It also contains adequate amounts of Vitamin B6 which helps improve one’s mood and may even reduce symptoms of depression. With these combined ingredients, you can feel relaxed yet ready to take on complex tasks.

  • Proven Effective By Athletes, Business Professionals, And Artists 

Onnit supplements are proven effective brain enhancers for people who constantly face demanding and stressful activities. Alpha Brain is used by Olympic athletes, FIFA World Cup players, and even MMA fighters.

Even people who don’t play sports yet face equally demanding tasks can take this supplement. A study published in 2015 shows that taking Alpha Brain for 6 weeks shows a 12% improvement in verbal recall and a 21% increase in mental processing speed. 

Taking this brain booster can also help enhance your creative juices. There are testimonials and reviews from several satisfied users saying that it helped unleashed their creativity as they work on content writing, presentations, and even artworks.


Onnit’s Alpha Brain is popularly known as a nootopic with many benefits. It not only helps increase attention, memory, and focus. It also helps unleash one’s creativity for taking on complicated tasks. 

Apart from being a brain enhancer, it also serves as a stress reliever. The nutrients and herbal extracts found in Alpha Brain combine to create a relaxed mental state for the user. Taking it also helps enhance your mood, making challenges a learning experience. 

Taken as a capsule or as a drink, Onnit’s Alpha Brain can help work wonders for people who are constantly engaged in demanding mental and physical activities. Even those who want to take advantage of this mind-boosting supplement can do without having to worry about harmful chemicals or it clashing with their diet, as it’s an all-natural health supplement that works for the brain and for one’s entire well-being.  

image source:  https://www.onnit.com/alphabrain/ 

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