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This Week in Healthtech:
Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare

Week Ending 06-15-18: Artificial Intelligence adoption and the future of AI in healthcare

Cloud Resources Open Up Healthcare AI Problem-Solving

Healthtech’s latest article brings attention to one of the biggest problems plaguing the new age of healthcare — the overwhelming amount of data that comes along with AI implementation. The University of Pittsburgh Medical Center is using cloud resources to support their AI efforts and “streamline problems that are inherently amenable to computation.” Read more.

The downside of healthcare’s hottest buzzword: AI

An Accenture study of 100 healthcare executives finds that regardless of their interest in new tools and technologies, “eighty-one percent of surveyed executives said they aren’t prepared to face the societal and liability issues that may require them to explain their AI’s decisions and actions.” Read more.

Is AI set to transform healthcare? Not according to CIOs

The latest from MedCityNews argues that CIOs aren’t as easily charmed by the notion of AI revolutionizing healthcare. Citing CIOs are aware of the many shortcomings of AI as it currently stands and the amount of work that lies ahead to make the tools effective. Read more.

Easing Pain With Virtual Reality: What US Health Providers Can Learn From Their French Counterparts

Next-gen revenue cycle to refine value-based care with AI, advanced analytics

Is revenue cycle management the next frontier for AI in healthcare? According to Kellye Sherbet, president of RCM services at Aprima Medical services, yes. In HealthcareIT News’ article she says these tools could help organizations “pinpoint opportunities for additional profit, as well as which value-based contracts will offer the best return.” Read more.

A.I. for Healthcare Gets Even More Crowded as GV Invests in Owkin

Healthcare AI startups continue to see major investment as the industry continues to transform digitally. It should come as no surprise that Google has made another investment in the growing healthcare tech sector, this time in machine learning company, Owkin. Read more.