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This Week in Healthtech:
Bridging Healthcare Regulation and Tech

Week Ending 06-29-18: Bridging healthcare regulation and tech: the newest breakthrough technologies with AI and Blockchain.

US Patent & Trademark Office Approves Walmart’s Blockchain Health Patent

Walmart is entering the EHR and medical wearables space with its recently awarded patent for blockchain technology. The technology has the capability to store patient medical records, with the patent covering three components: a wearable, a biometric scanner, and an RFID scanner. The wearable device will allow medical personnel to access vital patient data that can save both time and patients’ lives. Read more. 

Chinese Search Giant Baidu Creates an Open-Source A.I. for Detecting Cancer

Baidu, China’s tech search giant, has developed a new open-sourced, AI algorithm that is able to more accurately diagnose cancer. The algorithm was able to outperform professional pathologists and previous detection algorithms in its tests. The technology, however, does not seek to replace pathologists, but rather to improve their work process. Read more.

Researchers Get $3.8M for Brain Imaging Study To Treat Suicidal Patients

AI Diabetes Tech Continues FDA’s Software Push

The FDA has approved a new AI-driven software program called DreaMed Advisor Pro that offers decision support for treating patients with Type I Diabetes. The software uses adaptive learning to essentially personalize treatment for each patient over time by optimizing insulin pump settings, improving quality of life for patients. Read more.

AMA Passes Policy Recommendations on Augmented Intelligence

The American Medical Association recently passed a policy regarding “augmented intelligence” to address healthcare stakeholder concerns regarding the use of new technologies. While healthcare technology is a rapidly growing space, physicians must be able to keep pace and work comfortably with the new technology to improve patient care. As a leading voice in the healthcare space, the AMA seeks to smooth integration of technology and physician delivery of care. Read more.

First Blockchain-Supported Personal Care Record Platform Launched

Blockchain company Guardtime recently launched the “world’s first comprehensive blockchain-supported” Personal Care Record Platform, MyPCR. Providing patients with instant access to their medical records, this tool changes the relationship between patients and personal care, giving patients complete access to their treatment end-to-end. Read more.

Illinois Faces Another Lawsuit Over Legionnaires’ Disease Outbreak Death