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Thorne Healthtech Has Acquired Nutrativa to Expand Its Existing Product Line

Thorne HealthTech, Inc. , a leader in developing innovative solutions for a personalized approach to health and wellbeing, announced March 3rd it has acquired Nutrativa LLC, an innovative company leveraging two-dimensional (“2D”) high-speed printing technology. 


Quick-Dissolving Supplement Discs, a Healthier Alternative

Acquisition of Nutrativa and its high-speed printing technology will enable Thorne HealthTech to add quick-dissolving supplement discs to its product offerings.

Products are environmentally superior alternatives, helping to reduce plastic packaging, water usage, and shipping costs.

The aim is to provide healthier, environmentally superior alternatives to traditional beverages and gummies via dissolvable supplement discs. Terms of the deal were not announced. The transaction closed on Monday, February 28, 2022; Nutrativa will now be integrated into Thorne HealthTech.

Thorne HealthTech will launch a dissolvable supplement disc product line, beginning with a children’s multi-vitamin supplement disc that will provide a high-quality and fuss-free solution for healthy growth and development for children ages four to 12. The quick-dissolving, portable, and versatile multi-vitamin disc combines the highest quality forms of vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients, and is free of sugar, gluten, dairy, soy, fillers, and gelatin. This innovative disc technology also provides a more absorbable form of delivery.


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Friendlier Towards the Environment and Cost-Competitive Products

Through the acquisition, Thorne HealthTech will enhance its portfolio of product offerings with its ready-to-market, patent-protected, green technology that is cost-competitive and expected to contribute to sales during this year’s second quarter. The product line is also expected to open new target markets for Thorne HealthTech. 

The discs will come in plastic-free packaging, emitting 75 percent less carbon dioxide and using 33 percent less water and 53 percent less other greenhouse gasses than typical 8-ounce functional beverages packaged in plastic bottles.

“The acquisition of Nutrativa enables Thorne HealthTech to leverage an innovative printing technology, helping us address consumer needs in a green, sustainable fashion, while at the same time enabling us to expand our portfolio of products and services into new target markets,” said CEO of Thorne HealthTech, Paul Jacobson. “We are incredibly confident that these dissolvable supplement discs will provide an enjoyable and healthier experience for both current and prospective customers.”

Thorne HealthTech is building a new health category to deliver better health outcomes through a proactive, empowered approach to health that is focused on prevention and wellness. It is a science-driven wellness company utilizing testing and data to create improved product efficacy and deliver personalized solutions to consumers, health professionals, and corporations.


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Plans to Expand the 2d Technology and Collaboration with Big Companies

Thorne HealthTech will also seek to expand the 2D technology to large companies interested in private labeling and co-branding. California-inspired beauty and wellness brand Caliray and a leading pet supplement brand will leverage the innovative technology.

Thorne HealthTech announced, on September 22nd 2021, the pricing of its initial public offering of 7,000,000 shares of its common stock at a price to the public of $10.00 per share. BofA Securities, Cowen, and Evercore ISI are acting as lead book-running managers for the proposed offering. RBC Capital Markets is acting as an additional book-running manager. Since then, the company never stopped moving forward, working with other leading healthcare companies, for better patient outcomes.

In December of last year, Thorne HealthTech’s health intelligence unit, Onegevity, entered into a collaboration with Legacy Community Health Services, Inc., the largest Federally Qualified Health Center in Texas, and its advisor and venture studio Design Run Group.

As part of that understanding, Thorne HealthTech will launch a Thorne Lab, previously known as Lab100, as part of Legacy’s Senior Care Program. The first Thorne Lab will be constructed in Missouri City, Texas, and is expected to open this spring. 

Onegevity, Thorne HealthTech’s AI and health intelligence engine – combining a proprietary, multi-omic platform with AI to provide actionable insights to customers with enhanced information and effective products to improve their health – will provide software to power multi-faceted assessments – from 3D body shape measurements, cognition testing, strength and balance and more – within the Senior Care Clinic, as well as data analysis and insight generation using its AI and machine learning algorithms, a prepared statement said. 

The current deal to buy Nutrativa opens yet another sector for Thorne HealthTech, and who knows where they would go next. 


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About Thorne HealthTech

Thorne HealthTech is a leader in developing innovative solutions for a personalized approach to health and wellbeing. Thorne HealthTech is a science-driven wellness company that is utilizing testing and data to create improved product efficacy and deliver personalized solutions to consumers, health professionals, and corporations. Thorne HealthTech’s unique, vertically integrated brands, Thorne and Onegevity, provide insights and personalized data, products, and services that help individuals take a proactive and actionable approach to improve and maintain their health over a lifetime. 

New York, NY-based Thorne was founded to develop premium wellness products for consumers utilizing its Onegevity platform to discover and develop new products.

The firm sells products directly and has a subscription program with 194,778 active subscriptions as of June 30, 2021.

Management is headed by Chief Executive Officer Paul Jacobson, who has been with the firm since 2010, when he acquired Thorne Research, and was previously co-founder of Onegevity Health, later acquired by Thorne.