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4 Things To Know About the Recovery Day

Recovery Day is a free event in Canada that celebrates the efforts and accomplishments of those recovering from addiction and mental illness. The event helps to raise awareness about addiction, reducing stigmas and providing a safe space for all to celebrate. The event has done wonders for individuals, families, and the community, inspiring events worldwide. For those wanting to learn more about this day and all it means, we’ve compiled a list of things to know about the event and what it represents.

Recovery Day Is a Celebration

Recovery Day commemorates the efforts and trials of all the individuals overcoming addiction in this country. Community events across the country offer an opportunity for addicts, families, allies, and all those curious to learn more about addiction while celebrating the accomplishments of those in their community. The event in Vancouver combines information, music, and fun activities to create a memorable experience for all attendees.

The Event Is Free

Recovery Day events in Canada are free to help create inclusive opportunities for all who wish to attend. Attendees can engage with their communities, participate in fun activities and events, celebrate the achievements of recovering addicts, learn about valuable community resources, access important information, and mourn those lost to addiction. During September, the official recovery month, events occur all around Canada.

There Are Events Across the Country

Recovery Day started being celebrated in British Columbia in 2012 after realizing that no formal event existed in Canada. Since then, Recovery Day is celebrated all across Canada. Even those who live far away from British Columbia can find an event to attend within their community.

Everyone Is Welcome

Kids, families, allies, and those recovering from mental illness and addiction are welcome to attend the event. It’s a great opportunity for all those addiction impacts to get together to mourn the losses, celebrate the victories, and build networks with their communities. The event in British Columbia has live music performances, tents, and booths with informational resources for recovering addicts and their families, kids’ designated areas, and so much more.

Even without an event to attend, the day carries important national significance. It shows those affected by addiction that Canada cares about recovery and actively seeks solutions for its citizens. September in Canada and the United States is a time to think, reflect, and learn about available resources. Recovery is about more than individual actions; it’s about community support and awareness. Recovery Month and Recovery Day provide valuable resources for all those wishing to be a part of a worthwhile and important solution.

This Recovery Day, show support for yourself and your loved ones by celebrating the effort and wins of sobriety. Events nationwide can help you engage with your community in meaningful and impactful ways. This day is about so much more than addiction. It’s about empowerment, information, and community. Acknowledging this day, whether through an event or privately, is an important aspect of recovery.

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