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7 Mistakes To Avoid When Buying A Starter Dab Kit

Manufacturers continue to come up with various innovations to make our lives easier. These cut across different industries, including the cannabis industry. One of the technologies currently gaining popularity is the dab or dabber kit, which aims to make the life of weed users easier so they can fully enjoy their tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).

The dab kit has three main components: rig, nail, and a blow torch. The nail acts as a vaporizer, which the blow torch heats. Upon heating, you’ll use the dab rig as a tool to smoke your concentrate. With the many dab kits in the market, settling for the right one might be challenging, especially if you’re a starter. However, you can put your worries aside as this article highlights the mistakes to avoid as you buy your dab kit. Read on to know more.

Not Considering Versatility

Versatility, in this context, refers to the capabilities of your dab kit. There are many types of dab kits, each serving a different purpose. Hence, consider the versatility of their use. 

Your guiding principle on versatility should be your needs, specifically your preferred concentrate. The kit should handle your preferred concentrate. Mistakes happen when you buy a dab kit that only works with leaf substances, yet your preferred concentrate is oil. This means you can’t utilize the kit, forcing you to purchase another. Should you decide to continue to use the kit, you’d have to switch to leaf substances, which might not fully meet your needs. With https://www.drdabber.com/ or any other source at your disposal, you can discern everything related to dab kits, including the type of THC concentrates available.

Choosing The Wrong Nail Material

The nail of your dab kit is what heats up as you utilize your dab. Be wary of the material you will purchase as it will be exposed to extreme temperatures. The nail material should be heat-resistant and withstand constant cooling and heating. The commonly used nail materials are glass and titanium. 

Buying The Wrong Storage Kit

Note that you’ll be using a concentrate that’s not part of the dab kit. Thus, whatever type of concentrate you use, whether oil, wax, or leaves, you need to store it in an appropriate container. 

You may buy a storage kit whose material may affect your substance by quality or quantity. When we say quantity, the material can be porous, so it will absorb part of your THC, reducing the amount available. Meanwhile, some materials will affect the quality of your substance based on their chemical composition. Most starters buy silicone-based storage kits for their concentrate to ensure safety, as silicone won’t affect the substance’s quality or quantity.

Not Investing In Cleaning Kits

The quality of your THC concentrate is crucial; if compromised, you might consume harmful substances that might negatively affect your health. In addition, you won’t get your desired effect. So, make it a habit to clean your kit regularly to avoid contaminating your substance.

A mistake to avoid is relying on tap water to clean your dab kit. Most concentrates have varying flavors, with others being oil-based. Therefore, water can’t do away with the flavors left behind. Should you decide to change your THC concentrate’s flavor, you’re likely to get a mixture of flavors as you smoke, both new and old, which is undesirable.

You may clean your dab kits using cotton swabs and isopropyl alcohol. The maintenance of your dab kit will be based on the availability of cleaning materials, so ensure you have these on hand to clean your kit regularly.

Compromising Quality For Price

Like any other product, you need to balance cost and quality when buying your starter dab kit. In most cases, the kit’s material determines the price you’ll have to pay. Hence, it’s best not to forget what we usually hear during product purchases: ‘you get what you pay for.’ 

In most cases, a cheap dab kit won’t be of high quality compared to a pricey one. When you buy a cheap one, there’s a high probability that it won’t serve your needs for long, so you’d have to buy another one after some time. This is in contrast to when you buy a pricey but dependable kit. It will serve you for a long time as long as you maintain it properly.  

Not Considering Usability

Usability, in this case, refers to the ease of use of your chosen starter dab kit. A dab kit is made of various parts, and some have accessories you can add to improve the satisfaction you get from the kit. 

However, don’t purchase a kit you’ll find challenging to use, especially as a starter. Most kits are either traditional or electric ones. The traditional ones are somewhat complex to use, especially when heating them. You need to know how long you need to heat it and how to achieve the desired temperature. Meanwhile, an electric dab kit is simpler to heat. Most electric dab kits have preset temperatures, so your work is reduced by almost half.

Not Factoring The Laws Surrounding THC

A dab kit aims to enable you to enjoy your concentrate, which is mainly THC, a component of cannabis, commonly referred to as marijuana.

The legality of marijuana varies from state to state, which means you need to be wary as you buy your starter dab kit. Confirm that the weed is legal in your locality or where you plan to use your THC concentrate, including its buying procedure.

Not confirming the legality of THC usage is a mistake that most starters make. Failure to do so might lead you to the wrong side of the law, hence a jail term or other penalties. The consequences depend on the laws governing your state.

Final Thoughts

As a starter dabber kit user, you want your experience to be memorable and enjoyable. You can only be assured of a great experience if you get the dab kit that meets your needs. This article has discussed the mistakes you need to avoid when planning to purchase your starter dab kit. You won’t go wrong with your dab kit investment by referring to them.


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