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Colorado’s Cannabis Market: 2020 update

More and more people are delving into the use of various cannabis products to help them manage their medical conditions. This is because there are now several studies that vouch for the therapeutic effects of different cannabis products. Alongside this, several countries and states already eased up their legislation when it comes to the use and sale of cannabis products, including Illinois back in 2019. For this reason, you are most likely to find a number of dispensaries in operation, even in Colorado.

Best Concentrates in Colorado

If you are searching for the best concentrates for medical or recreational purposes, then make sure to explore reputable and reliable dispensaries that take time and effort to cultivate the best buds. In this case, you can visit the Pig ‘N’ Whistle dispensary in Denver Colorado, where you will be able to find high-quality concentrates from meticulously processed cannabis plants. Just keep in mind to adhere to the following procedures when you visit the dispensary.

How to Buy Concentrates from a Dispensary

1.   Plan and Prepare

●      Identification Cards

One of the primary things that you need to do to purchase the best concentrates that you can use is to visit a reputable dispensary. However, this entails the need for you to make the necessary preparations before your visit. This includes making sure that you have a state-issued identification card with you, reflecting your age. In this case, your driver’s license or passport is the most viable ID that you can bring.

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●      Cash

Apart from your ID, you also need to prepare some cash for your purchase. While most dispensaries have an ATM on-site, the charges added when you withdraw may prove to be lucrative. There is also a great chance that the dispensary is not yet accepting the use of a credit card. This is because even if they have a card reader, it may be offline anytime. The reason behind this is that several financial institutions still tend to shut down the account as soon as they discover that the merchant is a cannabis dispensary.

●      Mindset

Alongside the physical things that you need to bring, you also need to condition your mindset before your purchase. This means that as much as possible, you should already have a good idea of the things that you need before you walk into the dispensary. Thus, exert the extra effort to research if you have to because this will make a huge difference for you when it comes to evaluating the quality of the buds you are looking at.

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2.   Upon Arrival

As soon as you arrive at a dispensary, some things need to be done before you are finally allowed to enter inside. One of these is spending a few minutes with a budtender who needs to enter your information in their database. This is mandated by state law for proper tracking and monitoring later on, and it is also required for a dispensary to print compliant receipts, for which your information will be utilized.

3.   Inside the Dispensary

After all your details have been entered by the budtender, they will eventually welcome you inside their sales floor. However, don’t be surprised if you don’t get to see their products on display because they are prohibited from doing so. Rather, you will be guided by a budtender to the section where you will be presented with different flowers that you can inspect and smell.


This is where your research will come in handy, but feel free to ask your budtender any question related to the buds that you have in mind. Even if the budtenders are not medical professionals, they are still in the best position to provide an answer to your queries because they are trained to learn about their products before guiding their customers.

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4.   Leaving

Once you have the products that you want, all you have to do is to pay for them accordingly before your budtender leads you out. However, you should resist the temptation to light up your goodies anywhere near the dispensary. This is because even if the use and sale of cannabis are already legal, it is still prohibited to consume these products in public, much more so right outside the dispensary. Rather, wait until you are safe at home before you try out the products that you have bought.

Frequently Asked Questions

●     Who Can Buy and Sell Cannabis Products in Colorado?

People who are 21 years and older are eligible to buy cannabis products in the state. However, to be able to sell cannabis products, a shop needs to be licensed as a marijuana dispensary. Thus, make sure to verify whether the store has the proper certification to sell the cannabis products that you need to ensure that you will not get in trouble with the law. Keep in mind that you are only allowed to buy up to an ounce of cannabis at a time, but medical marijuana patients can purchase up to a couple of ounces at a time. But never give or sell these cannabis products to anyone younger than 21 years old, or else you may get in trouble.

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●     Where Can I Consume Cannabis Products?

Even if the use of cannabis products is already legal in the state, the consumption of these products is still prohibited in a public setting. This means that you cannot consume cannabis in trains and bus stations, as well as in parks and playgrounds. It is also prohibited to consume cannabis products in malls, restaurants, or office buildings. Nevertheless, the state has designated particular local areas where you can consume cannabis outside your home.

If you are within the state of Colorado and you are searching for the best concentrate to suit your needs, then make sure to visit Denver, home to one of the most reputable dispensaries in the state. It is here where you will be able to find the cannabis products that you need. Just remember to follow the necessary protocols in purchasing the cannabis products that you need during your visit to ensure that you will not break any legal restrictions.

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