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8 Key Features Every Senior Living Community Should Have

As your loved one ages, they might need special care to ensure their safety, health, and well-being. With the number of care options to choose from, if bringing them to a senior living community would be the best choice for your entire family, you need to ensure that you provide them with the best service and environment to guarantee their comfortability and safety.  

A senior living community is a residential complex designed for the elderly to be around their fellow people. This way, they can free themselves from living in a hospital-like environment. In a good senior living community, such as Vivante, your senior loved ones can be around a homey and relaxing environment that prioritizes their health and socialization, allowing them to enjoy their environment and have a great time.   

With that, listed below are some key features you need to look for when searching for the right senior living community:   

  • Safety Of The Entire Apartment  

One of the first things you need to prioritize when looking for a senior living community is the safety of your loved one. No matter how beautiful the community is, if they cannot provide maximum safety and security for their residents, you might not be at ease knowing that they are only a few steps away from slips and falls. With that, you should check the apartment’s floor and see if they are slip-resistant and have grab bars on the toilet and shower area.   

You should also ensure the community’s security to ensure your loved one is in safe hands even when you are far away. Check if the apartment has secure entrances and exits. Aside from this, ensure that it has proper safety devices and equipment such as smoke detectors, fire extinguishers, and alarm systems in case of intruders.   

  • Mobility-Friendly  
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Even if your senior still isn’t using a wheelchair to get around, they might need it after a few years, especially when they’re already having a hard time moving their legs. To ensure that your loved one would be comfortable during their entire stay, you need to look for a mobility-friendly senior living community. Ideally, they should have plenty of ramps around the area, and the whole hallway can allow two wheelchairs to move around simultaneously. This way, you can ensure that the community would be safe and comfortable for everyone to move around.   

  • Provides Care Assistance  

Depending on your loved one’s need, having a senior living community that also offers care assistance is ideal as you no longer have to worry about getting from other agencies or establishments as you can easily acquire their in-house service. This will also help give you peace of mind knowing that there would be someone looking after your loved one directly, keeping them safe, happy, and healthy as long as possible.   

  • Good Environment  
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Seniors prefer to live inside a home with a good environment. With that, their home should be naturally light and bright by letting natural air inside during the day. The natural light from the windows can help make the room look more comfortable and homier for everyone.  

Furthermore, ensure that the community provides a homey ambiance. While this can help make the elderly feel comfortable, it can also help improve their mood and keep them happy.  

That said, checking if the senior living community has a good environment is vital. Ideally, it should have an open park and surround seniors with plenty of trees and natural resources. The beauty of nature can help enhance the community’s appearance and further improve the senior’s mood.   

  • Nutritious And Tasty Meals  

The least you could do for your loved ones as they stay in a senior living community is to free them from worrying about what kind of food will be prepared and served for the day. As they remain inside the community, the establishment should be able to provide nutritious and tasty meals that will fulfill their hunger while also keeping them happy as they eat delicious flavors. You can do this by asking the residents for their opinion about their meals.

  • On-Site Amenities  
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Of course, a senior living community should be able to provide maximum convenience to their residents to ensure their comfort. They could begin by having on-site amenities like pharmacy and therapy services. This way, they no longer have to worry about getting around and looking for external services wherein they could schedule for one located inside their community.   

  • Good Living Culture 

There’s nothing more relieving than seeing the residents happy and satisfied while living inside a senior community. This can put you at ease, knowing they’re having a great time and would surely enjoy being inside. Moreover, it will also be great if you can observe the staff’s behavior and see if they are welcoming and kind. This way, you can be at peace knowing that someone thoughtful and caring is looking after your loved one. 

  • Engaging Activities  

If you are looking for a senior living community for your loved ones, check if there are engaging activities, such as in-house activities, events, and programs in which the seniors can participate. This can involve having outdoor amenities for active adults and an indoor area for those looking for calmer activities, such as bingo, along with some workshops, giving your seniors cognitive stimulation and the ability to learn a new skill. This way, they can avoid getting bored but enjoy their entire stay. They could make friends, have fun, and make the most out of their stay. It’ll be the perfect place to keep them entertained and occupied at the same time.  


As you bring your loved one to a senior living community, you need to ensure that they’re getting the best service to ensure their health and service. As you check the community’s safety, environment, activities, amenities, and services, ensure that it will be something that your loved one would be comfortable living in. This way, they can truly enjoy their stay and have the best time of their lives.