Are you searching for options to energize your body cells and improve your overall quality of life? If yes, it is time to take a look at PEMF technology.

PEMF has been used for thousands of years, however, it was studied for the last hundred years only.

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Continue reading to find out more about the significance of PEMF therapy, its benefits, how it works, and if it is the right option for you.

What is PEMF therapy?

PEMF stands for Pulsed Electromagnetic Field. It is the low level of electromagnetic radiation that restores your natural healing mechanism followed by regeneration of body functions.

Unlike all treatments, PEMF not only treats the symptoms but also repairs the underlying cause of the condition.

Focus the PEMF device on the injured body part so that it emits this low level pulsed electromagnetic energy on the cellular level. Simply put, recharging the cells can deliver enough energy to improve your overall wellness.

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A brief history of PEMF

The application of magnetic fields through naturally magnetized stones called lodestones for healing purposes starts from 4000 BC. The Chinese physicians were using lodestones on acupuncture points. In fact, Cleopatra was reported to wear a magnet to present her youthfulness.

Hippocrates was also reported to use lodestones to alleviate headaches in ancient Greece. In the 1600s, Queen Elizabeth I used loadstones to get rid of arthritic pain.

A research study on PEMF began in 1932 where scientists from Yale University found that electrical energy worn out from the body was the root cause of disease. Pulsed electromagnetic fields could donate energy to help cells to heal, restore, and regenerate naturally.

Finally, in 1979, PEMF received FDA (Food and Drug Association) approval. Further, astronauts got NASA approval to use this technology once they came back to earth.

What are the benefits of PEMF therapy?

People who use PEMF therapy have experienced many significant improvements, which include:

  • Improved blood circulation
  • Better immunity
  • Better protein synthesis and energy restoration
  • Improved brain function
  • Reduced chronic pain and inflammation
  • Increase in joint function and bone density
  • Better sleep quality
  • Improvement in stress, anxiety, and depression
  • Better muscular relaxation
  • Improvement in pelvic blood flow and erectile dysfunction
  • Regulated blood pressure and sugar level
  • Enhanced detoxification and hydration
  • Increased cellular activity and oxygen absorption within the cells
  • Enhanced cellular communication and function
  • Reduced tissue death and muscle tension
  • Better ligament strength and range of motion
  • Reduced insulin resistance
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At this point, you must be wondering how PEMF works. Let us take a closer look.

How PEMF works

Imagine each body cell as a tiny battery! Like any battery, your cells also get tired and worn. The reasons could be aging, damage, overuse, and stress. Hence, the body cells will have trouble fighting off any potential illness or injury.

PEMF acts as a battery re-charger. With PEMF treatment, your cells get recharged. The energy supplied by the PEMF machine helps the cells to fight against any ailment or trauma that’s threatening them.

Furthermore, this high-powered energy helps your body to regenerate its health naturally with the help of electric interaction throughout and within the cells.

Scientists have found that a healthy cell always has a higher electric charge for it to function properly compared to an unhealthy cell.

Dr. Jerry Tennant’s research proved that a healthy body runs between -20 to -25 millivolts. If this voltage goes below -20 millivolts, the body becomes unhealthy. In that case, a voltage of about -50 millivolts is required for healing purposes.

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This is where the PEMF machine helps to charge the cells to stimulate the healing process. To charge your cells, the PEMF device mimics the natural frequencies arising in the earth’s electromagnetic field.

Every cell type in every body part needs different frequencies for healing purposes. Due to the presence of varied frequency settings, the PEMF device can help to treat multiple ailments.

Furthermore, PEMF produces less radiation under longer wavelengths than a smartphone. Hence, PEMF is comparatively lesser harmful.

Is it safe to try PEMF therapy?

Are you wondering at this point if PEMF therapy is right for you? Remember that PEMF is FDA-approved. Hence, stay assured about the effect of this treatment in terms of safety. The electrical flow of PEMF is very low and occurs through its coils only.

As mentioned already, PEMF has a detoxifying effect. At times, you may get temporary mild side effects like nausea, fatigue, and body pain as toxins eliminate out from your body. However, once you start this treatment, you will get rid of these side effects.

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Always remember to stay well hydrated on the day you are going to apply PEMF therapy. The reason is the presence of minerals in fluids helps to promote electrical flow to your body cells.

The Upshot

Pulsing electromagnetic fields through your body is not a herculean process. Electromagnetic field waves are there around us in one form or another for many years.

Through PEMF devices, we have re-defined it as a safe and natural method to enhance wellness.

Would you like to try PEMF therapy for yourself? Make sure to take advantage of our incredible Sentient Element. Even the top website MedicalNewsToday has also featured Sentient Element as one of the Best PEMF Devices for pain management.