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How To Keep The Human Touch In Your Medtech Business

If you’re starting a medtech company, you need to ensure that you maintain the human touch. It’s not only technophobes who would rather not be treated by robotic products. To ensure that your business achieves this, you will need to include personality and customization every step of the way.

This begins on your landing page and website design. Not only is this crucial to any business nowadays, but it has also become easier to find and select the most relevant design for your website out of the various health website templates available. The design should match your niche while being unique, welcoming and user-friendly. With a good website, you can engage directly with your clients, with technology facilitating human interaction rather than compromising it.

Over the past year and a half, more people than ever have sought advice and help from medical professionals online. Whether getting instructions through an app or video calling their own doctor, the shift to medtech was swift and necessary. However, the reality is that medtech has been a booming industry for the past couple of decades.

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Medtech startups have done exceptionally well, but the pandemic gave them an extra push. Until they had no other option but to use technological solutions, people worried that, in a virtual setting, health care would lack the human touch.

Some will tell you that their fears did come true, and that they will continue avoiding medtech solutions as much as possible. But many medtech companies have been able to provide that human touch in their products, and you can too.

Start With User Experience

This might seem counterintuitive, but the first step for keeping the human touch in your medtech business is to perfect your algorithms. The reason for this is that nothing reminds people that they are dealing with artificial intelligence than an error message. So, if someone has landed on your website and finds an important link broken, they will immediately feel unseen.

For many medtech companies, the user experience begins on the website. Using a template from a web design platform like Wix, SquareSpace, or WordPress, you can rely on the work done by their expert coders and testers. Many people are using these platforms, and so the user experience has got to be perfect.

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Keep a Human One Click Away

Even if your user experience is perfect, a potential client may be unable to find information or achieve a task. This can happen no matter how comprehensive your virtual system is. If there is no alternative option available, the person is immediately reminded that they are trying to get help from a robot.

However, if you always have a human one click away, whether through an online chat or even a number they can call, they will have the opposite experience. They’ll see your virtual system as representative of an in-person experience, knowing that the help they need is available.

Write a Blog

Blogs can achieve a number of things, both in terms of marketing and providing resources to clients. But one of their greatest achievements is in creating discourse between a company and potential clients.

As a medtech company, clients want to know both that you are experts and that you care. A blog written in a personal, friendly style shows them both of those things. They read stories about the conditions you treat and the types of technology you use from a human voice and feel seen. Instead of your company being nothing more than a service provider, you become a friend who is going through this with them.

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Your blog can have the added benefit of sifting out potentially uncooperative clients. Unfortunately, medicine today has become a political subject, with certain people believing conspiracy theories propagated by politicians. Medical professionals dealing with this kind of patient know how difficult it is to provide care.

As a medtech company, there will certainly be clients who don’t believe in the illness, don’t trust the cure, or both of the above. Your interaction with them will end combatively no matter how hard you try, and at best you will be left with a bad review. A blog which clearly and consistently shows that you work within the realm of modern medicine can deter these kinds of clients from wasting your time.

Ask For Feedback

Constant pop-ups asking for feedback are frustrating and make clients feel like you’re pushing them for a good review. However, if you regularly ask for feedback in a non-intrusive way, with easy instructions for how to share any issues they have, you are telling them that you care about what they say. You’re giving them a way to help increase the human touch within the experience of the app or website.

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Don’t overdo it, and also be sure to ask them to send love. This keeps the human touch on your side as well, so that your staff knows they’re doing a good job.

Good medical care requires a give and take, even when it is provided through a technological medium. Maintaining the human touch is crucial in this industry, giving your clients what they crave most.