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Important Tips For An Impactful Healthcare Professional Essay In 2022

Healthcare professionals are individuals that are certified to provide care and treatment services. It’s arguably the most important profession on Earth.

But part of the job that isn’t advertised (mainly because it’s not that attractive) is the writing. And there’s a lot of it – especially as a student.

No matter what class you’re studying, it’s important to learn how to write effective, high-quality essays. Not only will it help boost your grades now, but it will also set you up for the future when, for example, you’re required to present findings to the board of directors.

Lots of writing patterns and formats have been introduced for medical students now. This is to ensure that they understand the technical knowledge and can apply the theory in practice.

One common yet major mistake many medical students make is they pawn their writing to someone else. If you’re reading this and you know you’re one of those, just know that you’re risking getting poor marks that may harm your career prospects.

So, with all this in mind, you need to be able to write an impactful healthcare professional essay yourself to ensure your current and future success.

What Is An Impactful Essay?

If you’ve ever looked at a pre-written essay, you may know what this means.

For those that haven’t, an impactful essay means that it has been written in flawless English and strictly in line with the guidelines. 

Before getting started, it’s a good idea to read some re-written essays on a variety of topics. This will help you understand what you have to write about, the style and how the paper should be structured.

A lot of it comes down to familiarity. The more you know, the easier you’ll find it.

Now that that’s been covered, let’s get into tips. Here’s how to write an impactful healthcare professional essay in 2022.

Avoid The Common Pitfalls

No matter if you’re writing about the same subject as your friend, or you’ve decided to go down a completely different thought to


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ute, you must always stay clear of the common pitfalls.

First, always start with an introduction and end with a conclusion. The last line of the introduction should include a clear thesis statement and all subsequent paragraphs should be based on such a statement.

Structure Your Writing Time

For your healthcare professional essay to leave a lasting impression, make sure you structure your writing time and ensure you’ve allocated enough time for editing and proofreading before handing it in.

Managing your time is just as important as the writing itself. Don’t forget to leave some time to research the topic. Any lack of understanding will show in your writing. 

Many people have and continue to fail structuring their writing time. This almost always leads them to missing the deadline.

Key Points

It’s a great idea to sum up your key points or outline the essay. Whichever you choose, the idea is the same: to save you time and energy. If you decide to include some key points in your healthcare essay, then make sure you are very clear about the topic and you present sufficient data to back up your claims. This helps to determine how your essay starts and what else should be written in the paper.

Consult An Expert 

Every single medical student should consult an expert before they start writing their healthcare essay.

Creating an impactful healthcare professional essay is not an easy task. There is so much you need to think about, making the details and technical knowledge even more important. The more help you can get, the better. Many healthcare professionals are reportedly leveraging various editorial companies like Edubirdie who can assist with creating an powerful essay. For example, I’ve tried Edubirdie before and I strongly recommend them.

Check Professional Essay Samples

This has been touched on lightly already, but it deserves its own mention. Check over pre-written essays to get familiar with formatting and how to structure the writing. If you can’t find anything relevant yourself, then get in touch with another essay writer who may be able to point you in the right direction.

Most samples will likely be written in either Harvard, Chicago, APA and MLA style. If you do get one of these samples, don’t forget to take notes of how the essay used citations and references.

Keep The Reader Hooked

The best way to engage the reader early and keep them interested in reading further is with a killer introduction. Of course, the introduction should include the purpose of the essay, some definitions and why they would benefit from reading it in the first place. Don’t forget to include the clear thesis statement too! After all, that’s what the entire paper will be based on.

Establish Your Purpose

What’s the purpose of the healthcare essay? Is it to raise awareness of a growing problem or teach others how to prevent something from happening in the first place? Either way, include the purpose of the essay so the reader knows what they’re getting themselves into.

Use Facts

Facts are integral to impactful healthcare professional essays. For example, you may wish to inform your readers how many people in the country are suffering from heart disease or the percentage of people that are living with PTSD. 

The facts must be accurate. Support them with citations and references from solid sources to back up your claims and avoid plagiarism too.

Check And Edit

Once you’ve finished writing your essay, the final thing you must do is check it over and edit. Proofread it from start to finish and don’t rush. There must not be any plagiarism, grammar or spelling mistakes throughout the piece. 

It may be a good idea to get a family member to check it over for you too. They don’t have to know what you’re talking about, but they may point out some areas that don’t make sense or pick up on a spelling error or two.

Don’t just rely on tools to check for errors either; they can sometimes turn the meaning of sentences into something completely different with just a single word change.


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