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KiKo Knowledge Hub and Hamamatsu Join Inspirata’s Free Remote Pathology Initiative for Healthcare Facilities Affected by COVID-19

TAMPA, Fla., April 14, 2020 – Digital pathology solution and cancer informatics provider Inspirata recently announced its free remote pathology platform. This innovative technology is available to healthcare associations who need to provide staff flexibility during COVID-19. To boost to this groundbreaking campaign, Inspirata has partnered with two industry leaders, Hamamatsu and Kiko.

Kiko hosts a social platform for researchers and physicians to quickly share clinical knowledge instantly. Hamamatsu provides high-quality research use only, whole-slide image scanners, and Inspirata ties it all together with its signature pathology workflow solution.

How the partnership works

In the Inspirata partnership, Hamamatsu’s Nanozoomer will be used to scan glass slides submitted by healthcare facilities for research and secondary consultations. However, the Nanozoomer won’t be used at all for primary diagnostic purposes. Kiko knowledge hub will use the expertise of their community’s pathology practitioners’ to guarantee successful scanning and processing of every pathology slide received. Finally, Inspirata will offer its complete pathology workflow solution, enabling the remote sharing of cases among pathologists.

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Proudly serving the community

“This important partnership is proof of our efforts to support the community. Considering our past successful digital pathology collaborations, this partnership makes Kiko and Hamamatsu prime partners for this initiative,” stated Mark Lloyd, Ph.D., Executive Vice President and Founder of Inspirata.

“We understand that as many pathology departments as possible need to create flexible structures for their staff. We are proud to play our part in this initiative by offering the use of our Nanozoomer scanners,” remarked Scott Blakely, Business Development Manager of Hamamatsu.

Finally, Kiko founder, Dr. Jonhan Ho, adds, “digital pathology allows us the flexibility to serve patients from anywhere in the world, rather than being limited by the need to be where the slides are.”

This new, completely free remote pathology solution can be found at Inspirata’s COVID-19 Preparedness page. You can visit that page to request access to the tools.

About Inspirata

Inspirata, Inc. helps people battling cancer, as well as the doctors they trust, to make every last moment in their lives matter. Inspirata’s comprehensive cancer information products bring diverse data together throughout the cancer treatment process, facilitating informed decisions that improve patient survival.

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Inspirata has put together extremely advanced and highly proven technologies to address the challenges of delivering targeted cancer care. Furthermore, Inspirata’s tools assist researchers in conducting ground-breaking medical research. Inspirata combines leading-edge digital pathology solutions with an automated cancer registry, complete cancer information, and patient participation tools. We bring our users a broad set of oncology informatics on a platform that’s available globally.

About Hamamatsu

Hamamatsu Corporation is the North American subsidiary of Japan-based Hamamatsu Photonics. They manufacture light sources, detectors, cameras, and advanced medical systems such as the NanoZoomer. The NanoZoomer is used for whole slide scanning in both fluorescence and bright field applications, converting glass slides into digital images. This process is accomplished both quickly and accurately, making perfect digital slides for viewing and analyzing. Hamamatsu instruments deliver the reliable image quality and scanning for the medical community.

About Kiko Knowledge Hub

Kiko’s Knowledge in Knowledge Out is a sharing platform for researchers and doctors to share useful, clinical information instantly. Kiko is committed to the democratization of clinical knowledge, allowing every pathologist around the world to practice their craft at a higher level. On the KiKo platform, pathologists share compelling cases, tips and tricks, and narratives via whole slide images, videos, and any other type of content. The goal is, to connect with each other and make for a better medical community. Kiko can be found on the world-wide-web at kikoxp.com. Kiko also has an innovative iPhone app available in the iOS App Store as “Knowledge in Knowledge Out”.

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